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Choosing professional digital headshot retouching services can significantly enhance image quality. The services may include enhancing background, retouching shadows, whitening teeth, correcting red-eye, coloring fixing, body re-shaping, etc. So, if you have such requirements for your project then need to collaborate with a reputed photo editing company to eliminate the flaws. 

At Shootpro24, we use specialized techniques for photo editing and photo retouching services in the US. Our primary aim is to industry-grade professional photo editing services for the clients. Over the decade we have been assisting top photo shooting firms, corporate, e-commerce companies, models, etc. We provide effective digital photo editing services to improve the quality of a better result. This means we make your picture completely natural. Also, we ensure the editing will be secured and we will never give any artificial looks for the pictures. 

Have Looks To Our Headshot Retouching Services. 

  1. Basic Headshot Retouching
  2. Theatrical Headshot Editing 
  3. Advanced Headshot Editing 
  4. Business and Corporate Edits 
  5. Commercial Headshots Editing 
  6. Editing For Models and Actors

1. Basic Headshot Retouching

The Basic headshot editing means the realistic image of the person including beauty marks and all. This editing is recommended for upcoming actors and models. Our basic services enhance the portraits to create impact and it will give amazing looks. The works include;

  • Skin toning and smoothening 
  • Contrast and brightness adjustments 
  • Basic touch-ups for the face 
  • Teeth whitening & Eye correction
  • Background clearance.

2. Theatrical Headshot Retouching

The Theatrical headshot editing is about to create theatrical characters by using a variety of effects. Our experts will provide advanced services by using high-quality editing software. We will do;

  • Digital make-up services 
  • Will use dodge and desire to add drama
  • Removing or replacing the background features 
  • Hair & Eye editing and adjustments 
  • Advanced techniques for the facial edits. 

3. Advanced Headshot Editing Services 

Our advanced photo retouching services will give great attention to your photos. This will give you the best editing works that your photo deserves. All photo retouching process needs a technically talented professional for a better result. The services will be;

  • Removing pimples, eyebags, blemishes, etc. 
  • Reducing skin blemishes like wrinkles, birthmarks, scars, etc. 
  • Editing the image noise. 
  • Digital makeup and that looks natural for the photo. 
  • Whitening the teeth and re-eyes edits
  • Smoothening the skin. 
  •  Face reshaping. 

4. Business And Corporate Edits

This edits having a great presentable photo. The headshot edits should be able to give a reliable, authoritative look for a person’s photo. 

  • Removing the skin wrinkles and scars. 
  • Sharpening eyes 
  • Removing pimples, blemishes, and dark circles. 
  • Teeth brightening and lip adjustments 
  • Background changes 
  • Cloth fixing and body level-up

5. Commercial Headshot Edits

This type of editing will give more positive quality to the picture and that will attract your customers. For taking shots you have to carry an expression that will create a trustworthy approach. If you are in the team of a product-based company you can use these kinds of editing for advertisement photo editing. 

  • Edits the distracting elements and background adjustments. 
  • Stray hairs remove and adding highlights.
  • Eye correction and Teeth whitening. 
  • Body size edits if required. 
  • Fixing and straightening clothes. 

6. Edits For Models and Actor

If you are a model/actor either you want to edit the picture like that then contact for high-end retouching services. This editing service is especially for the actor and models, using special techniques for a better look. 

  • Color editing, highlights& Shadows retouching.
  • Adjusting the saturation and exposure of the picture. 
  • Photo sharpness, brightness, and contrast adjustments. 
  • Removing skin imperfections. 
  • Skin textures smoothening and toning. 

Also, you want some advanced elements to do the headshot retouching works. We are happy to tell you that our experts will available to deliver the industry’s best services. Please contact us if any requirements related to photo editing, photo retouching, image manipulation, and video editing services. 

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