10 tips for portrait photography

Confused to get the best Portrait photography? Here explaining the top 10 amazing tips to take the portrait clicks perfectly.

This will bring your photography skills to the next level. Once you have gone through this article you will be able to shoot amazing portrait photos.

10 Tips For Perfect Portrait Photography.

Tip No: 1

Background Settings

Select the perfect background for your photo shoot. It is as important as your subject to shoot. Because a distracting background will disturb the attention of the person from the camera.

However, don’t try to choose a completely plain background. For example, an interesting wall with good color or texture will give a great look to the portrait. Or you can arrange any good content, musical instruments, etc for the background.

Tip No: 2

Subject Setting

Even if you are using the most expensive camera, the resultant picture will be poor if you didn’t set the subject properly. So, arranging the subject is an important factor for shooting portraits.

Set your subject in a comfortable and relaxed position- It is the best way.
Being photographed is a little bit unnatural maybe that gives a stressful experience to the subject. So your first duty is to give a comfortable atmosphere for your subject and make them free.

Kids portrait photography

Be with a friendly atmosphere by making small talks and all. Children’s photography is a little bit tough, then not to mention children’s portrait photography. To make this situation easy, you can do some interesting games with them and forget about the camera. Encourage them to convert their minds to be happy to poss.

Tip No: 3

Comforts Of The Subject

For the Portrait photoshoot, we need to give importance to the subject mood. Check your subject is distracting with something or not. Disturbance with fluff on clothes, collar, lapels, zips, etc.

How to do a perfect portrait photography

One more perfect way to clear all these issues is to take some additional shots before starting the photoshoot.

Tip No: 4

Pose Your Subject Like A Pro

Once your subject is ready for the shoot then, work quickly but confidently. Give clear instruction to your subject for the perfect result.

Keep in your mind- Don’t overwhelm your subject with complicated requests or posses. Understand them clearly and make small and simple adjustments.

Tip No: 5

Pose Adjustment

You can give instructions “Raise your chin a little”, “look here”, “straighten the back.”

Also, explore some different poses which will promise a better portrait photo. Give a clear comfort for them to get relaxed in each shot. All your pose suggestions depend upon your subject comfort.

portrait photography ideas

Have their shoulders and body set slightly away from the camera will give a natural feel.
Waists seem thinner if they turn away from the camera. And for some special shoot, you can include hats, balloons, party glasses, flowers, a pen, or a musical instrument.

Tip No: 6

Make Sure That The Subject Is WellLit

It’s a common comment that the portrait will look great with the natural lighting than the studio setup.

A slightly overcast day provides a great light that will be complimentary on your subject. Direct sunlight will create a hard shadow on the subjects.

subject is welllit

If you get an opportunity to shoot in sunlight set the background glow with sunlight.

The fill light can be reflected in the sunlight so adjust the settings in the camera. Use the camera’s inbuilt flash to get the perfect portrait.

Tip No: 7

Use A Flattering Focal Length

Focal length has an important impact on your clicks. Because it introduces the predictions about your image distortion count which can break your portrait photography.

To solve this issue find out the perfect focal length of your lens based on the background and lighting.

Focal length has a major impact on your images because it introduces a predictable amount of image distortion which can make or break your portrait photography.

photo editing in illinois

For this select the focal length on a zoom length by rotating the zoom ring on the lens barrel. If the camera is not with a room ring adjust with the zoom +/- button on the camera body.

With many photographer suggestions, here is an amazing tip that is updating for you.

A 50mm focal length adjustment will give an accurate representation of the subject. Because this length will not create any distortion to the subject face.

Tip No: 8

Aperture Priority Mode – Blur the Background

Try this method, this will gives a sharp look at the subject. The blurred appearance of the background allows your portrait subject to stand out.

summer photography

To get an amazing result, you can control the depth of your camera field by lens aperture adjustments.

To change the aperture, first ensure that you set the shooting mode to AV Mode or Aperture Priority.

In the next step by using the thumbwheel, or dial button increase or decrease the value of aperture. If you are using Canon 5D mk the aperture value will be changed by the main dial button just behind the shutter button.

Tip No: 9

Expose For The Subject’s Face

The exposure means how bright or dark the output is. In portrait photography, the main importance is the visuals of the subject’s face.

face adjustment in portrait photography

So here you have to check the face is correctly exposed or underexposed or overexposed. Check whether the face is not too dark or not too bright.

You can adjust the exposure compensation based on the mode of your shooting.

Most of the cameras have several autofocus options, you can adjust there too to get a better result.

Tip No: 10

Focus On Subject Eyes

Portraits look great when the image shows a sharp focus on the subject’s eyes. It improves the visibility and image contact of the viewer. Creating a powerful engaging photo with your amazing click.

eyes photography in portrait photography tips

To get such photos your camera focus needs to be sharp. You can meet some experts to edit portrait photoshoots. This will give a pleasant feeling for you after the shoot.


Photography is an art, if you doing with your passion the results will be glorious.

In this write-up, you have gone through the amazing 10 tips for capturing the perfect portraits.

Try these and update your valuable feedbacks in the comment section. You can reach us for all your photo editing and video editing needs.

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