How to Blur Edges in Photoshop

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Blurring parts of photography is quite a common practice among photographers. After a photo is produced, various editing phases result in a beautiful and powerful-looking photo. There are various editing apps and software that you can use for blurring, but here is a guide on how to Blur Edges in Photoshop.

By Using Feather Selection

To begin with, feathering in Photoshop, start with a picture of your choice, locate the Elliptical Marquee Tool from the toolbox on the image, and draw your shape. You can create a vertical oval or a rectangle around the picture. Please note that you will need to make the softer edges as Photoshop tools for selection, including Elliptical Marquee, which makes selections with hard edges.

Feathering the Edges

If you are looking to make softer edges, click on the Modify option from Select, and then click on Feather. Note that the final effect might be different depending on the picture quality.

Set your desired Feather radius by selecting Set Feather Radius, then click on OK

You can play around with the results to settle on the better one.

Inverse the selection

You can use the Inverse option for deselecting the parts you haven’t selected earlier or vice-versa. To do the same, click on Select and then Inverse.

Choose a color

The next step includes choosing a color to edges in Photoshop. In the Layers panel, you will find the Adjustment options and choose Solid Color from there. Choose your desired color and select OK.

By Using Filter

Gaussian Blur is quite a common feature used by Photoshop users and many other designing aspects. This feature will apply a general blur across the whole photo, which you can refine using layer masks.

 blur edges in Photoshop
blur edges in Photoshop

First, select the image of which edges you want to blur. Then, right-click on it and select Convert to Smart Object, which converts your image to a smart object. Now, you can add the blur effect by clicking on Filter, then Blur, and then Gaussian Blur.

Next, you have to set a blur radius depending on the result you want. For example, if you want a heavy blur, you will have to set a higher radius. Please don’t forget to click on OK for the effects to take place.

This will result in your whole image blurring, but since we wanted on the edges, what you have to do next is Smart Filters Layer Mask from the filters beneath the image. Then select your gradient tool.

If you now hold down while dragging a Fade gradient handle, you can expand the radius of the effect, so that it only affects the areas you keep touching while dragging, and fades the corners.


Blurring images are smart to make people focus on the important subject while making them ignore the plain or boring background. Apart from Photoshop, various online sites and apps provide easy blurring of pictures that takes little to no time. Let us know if these guides helped blur edges in photoshop.

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