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best product photography tips

Many people think that still life or product photography is not as indulging as photographing live subjects. But product photographers say otherwise. In product photography, you can play around and push your creativity to a new level limit. Here are some product photography tips for capturing stunning shots.

1. Use the Right Lens

The use of a wide-angle lens affects the object’s proportions, making your product look distorted, and no one wants that. The main focus is on the product you need to capture and represent it beautifully to please your client perfectly. It is suggested to use standard or regular lenses that work closest in comparison to the human eye.

2. Angle and Aperture

Angle and Aperture

The widest aperture or lowest f-stop makes sure that the object is in the middle, making it the center of attraction. Ensure that the background and everything around it is blended smoothly. If you are using a model, remember that the audience’s attention should be on the product at hand and not the secondary object. Try to use an aperture that is large enough to capture every minute detail of the product perfectly.

3. Lighting Techniques

In photography, especially of products, lighting is the most crucial factor. According to the intention of the shoot, the lighting parameters will change. Remember to aim two lights at the backdrop on either side of the products. This technique will help highlight the product from the wall. Then use one light in the front and one slightly above the product. This angle will eliminate any shadows formed and will make sure the product is perfectly lit.

4. Know how to Sell the Product

The key to selling any product is to sell the idea of the product to the customer. Whether purchasing this product makes your life more convenient, using a specific interest or a particular lifestyle. The shot of the product should tell the story of why you need it in your life. – One of the perfect product photography tips.

5. Experiment

Play around with different styles and put your creativity to the taste because your subject will not object to it. You can play with reflections as well. But pay close attention to how your lights, angle, and you reflect in the product. To remove any reflection, you can either move your tip or retouch it later.

6. Color Theory

Ensure that you have a high level of knowledge about using different colors to enhance an image. Color theory is vital to understanding how different colors affect humans’ thinking processes, emotions, etc. The proper selection of color shades will help you a lot in marketing the product.

Make full use of the four well-known color combinations, Complimentary, Triadic, Analogous, and Split Complementary. Ensure you have the perfect lighting. After the shoot, you can always play around and adjust the colors in the frame to suit your requirement.


There are no hard and fast rules to abide by to take photographs. According to your needs, use these tips to enhance your skills. Remember you do not need any fancy course or expensive equipment to take photos. All you need is some inspiration, a little knowledge of the field, and creativity. Please comment below your suggestions for product photography tips.

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