5 Tips for Stunning Interior Photography

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tips for interior photography

5It is not uncommon to come across magnificent photographs of interior infrastructure in publications, real estate pamphlets, or on interior design websites, among other places. However, while it may appear that a large group of people, expensive lighting and camera equipment, and elaborate décor were required to capture the perfect photo, this is not the case. It is not necessary to have a professional degree in order to shoot amazing interior photography; rather, it is only necessary to have the ability to be distinct, creative, and patient.

Follow these interior photography tips to get that magazine-worthy shot. 

Interior Photography Tips

1. Styling of the room

While it is obvious that a cluttered room will look distracting and take away its essence, you must inform your client beforehand of the importance of a clean space. Your audience wants to see the aesthetic wooden shelf and not the unnecessary items surrounding it. Try including a side image of the hallway or the outside view to bring in a contrasting perspective.

2. Use your creativity

Don’t be afraid of adding your own touch-ups. Your client depends on your for creating the best portfolio for their brand, so you need to guide them when required. Add your professional and creative photography ideas to the room setup, and adjust it as needed. 

If you feel the setup would look better without the sculpture, add it. If you feel the lampshade is looking excessively vintage and out of place, remove it. 

3. Lighting

It is advisable that you keep extra lights switched off to prevent shadows and give your room a more natural feel. Play with the natural sunlight in your photography space. Only if your focus is meant to be on an object you could consider switching a few lights on. 

interior photography ideas

4. Pay attention to details

Interior photography features a lot of lateral and vertical lines in confined spaces. Your interior photo’s composition will be upset if the lines are slightly out of alignment. It’s essential to make sure that the lines of the walls, lighting, and windows appear straight and balanced while photographing an interior space.

5. Bring yourself closer to the action

Don’t forget to include vignettes and close-ups in your room shots. You may get a sense of the atmosphere by looking at these. Make adjustments to your camera’s settings: Ensure that the aperture of your camera is the largest possible so that the depth of field is maximized. With a blurry background, a close-up of a vase looks fantastic. When retaking a wider shot, don’t forget to open your aperture wider this time.


The most innovative interior photography concepts are born from a mind that is both creative and patient. You may pay a professional photographer or photography firm to take interior shots, but following these guidelines will allow you to take simple and cost-effective interior photographs on your own. Follow your instincts and avoid overdoing anything at all costs.

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