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ecommerce image optimization tricks

Whether you have a business website where you sell your products or have a personal branding website, one of the easiest and best ways to attract more visitors is using images. People like consuming information from articles/blogs with images rather than only plain text. Infographics also make it easier to connect with complex information and understand without trouble.

To include an image on your website, you should familiarize yourself with the term image optimization. The inclusion of images might increase your web traffic, as people find it entertaining and easy to go through the pages. However, if your images are not correctly optimized, the plan for your website to reach more people might backfire. 

How to Optimize Images for Ecommerce Websites?

Are you wondering how to do image optimization on your website? You can do eCommerce image optimization in various ways. You can either fix your image size, dimension, format or do all of it. Image optimization, when done correctly, is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to boost your web traffic, thus increasing revenue.

ECommerce image optimization mainly includes resizing the image or compressing the size. It would help if you also remember that the optimization should not sacrifice the product image’s high quality or slow down your site. 

Do you know that more than 25% of Google searches are Google Image Searches? So, when you optimize your eCommerce images, there is a chance that it might be producing click-throughs to your eCommerce store. 

Why SEO experts give importance to eCommerce image optimization?

Images of a product stitched to a product description appeal to the visitor and give them an idea of what it would look like. 

eCommerce image optimization

Image optimization is essential because:

1. Increases loading speed:

When you optimize an image to the search engine standards, it will make your web page load faster. Did you know that most people would click out of your website if it takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load? So, an optimized image eliminates the possibility of people clicking out of your website due to slow loading time. When an image is optimized to correct dimensions, size, resolution, it will not slow down your website as an un-optimized image would do. It gives your users a faster experience and retains customers.

2. Improves SEO ranking:

Image optimization helps your website rank higher in search engine results. Ranking higher means more people will visit your website and become a long-time customer.

3. Improves user experience:

More than 50% of internet users like to visit websites via their mobile devices. So, you should keep in mind that while you optimize your image, people should access it from desktop, mobile, tablet devices just as quickly. A fast-loading time will bring in more traffic and higher conversions when people can access your images from all the devices.

So, these were some of the main reasons why image optimization is necessary for your eCommerce website. It not only makes your website more appealing to look at but also helps you grow your business.

What are some image optimization tricks that will bring in more sales?

image optimization tricks

Now that you know how eCommerce image optimization is helpful for your business in the long run, you should not wait around to make the necessary changes to your website. If you are wondering how to do image optimization and if there are any tricks you could apply, here are ten of them for your convenience:

1. High-quality images:

Choose the best high-quality pictures you have of your products. If you have low-quality images, optimizing them would only make your pictures blurry. Websites with high-quality images also receive more click-through with higher conversion rates.

2. Use the correct file type:

You can choose images in their various formats. The most popularly used image formats in eCommerce websites are JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. Choose whichever has the best quality so that you do not have to compromise its quality when uploading to the website.

3. Text in your product images:

Google is a search engine that can read texts, not images. So, including creative and detailed text in your product images is a good idea to drive more sales. Use relevant keywords to keep your image SEO on top of the game.

4. Copyright:

When you are running an eCommerce website, always use images that belong to you or you have clicked. Using copyrighted images only declines your web traffic, and it could become a huge legal issue if someone sues you for using them. Similarly, when you upload your images, make sure no one else uses them to avoid duplicity.

5. One primary keyword:

While keywords are important for SEO as a whole, make sure to use only one primary keyword with each image. Keyword stuffing in image optimization could cause more harm than good.

6. Name your images:

Instead of using images with some random numbers and alphabets, make sure to name them correctly. Naming your images is one of the most vital steps of image optimization. Choose at least one keyword or a slight variation in dropping the image file name.

7.Image angles and dimensions:

Including pictures of your product from different angles is now a common practice. However, when you do that, ensure that you are choosing the angles wisely and all the dimensions are the same so that none of the pictures looks bigger or smaller than the other.

8. Include alt attributes:

Alt attributes, or alt tags, helps you include information about an image. When the images load slower, an alt tag provides information on the content of the image. Alt attributes are essential for Google to rank your image and your eCommerce website.

9. Page load time:

Including images can sometimes slow down your web page. So do not forget to keep an eye on the page loading time. To ensure that your page does not slow down, you can compress your images or resize them. You can use various free tools to monitor your web page speed.

10. Optimize your thumbnails:

Thumbnails give visitors an idea about the different categories. While it can be a helpful tool, if the thumbnail images are not optimized to standard, it could affect your website speed again. Your thumbnails should be as small as possible to keep your website fast. While using alt attributes in the thumbnail, make it as different as possible to avoid being indexed.

With these image optimization tips readily available; you can make the best out of your eCommerce website and grow your business.  ECommerce image optimization could be of great help for you in expanding your business when you know to do it correctly.

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photography ideas

Have you ever wished you knew how to take photographs that are both stunning and professional in appearance? Every professional-looking photograph is the result of years of expertise, extensive experience, and high-end photography equipment. However, you do not have to go that far in order to capture your own amazing photographs. Check out here for creative photography hacks.

Instead, you need to turn on your creative mode, and your basic photography gears will turn out to be as apt as any high-end equipment would be. 

Here are 10 creative photography tips and hacks that will surprise you with the results. 

1. Fake Bokeh with a tin foil

Creating bokeh photographs is certainly about having a fast camera, skills, and few camera settings. But if you are not a professional photographer, you can use tin foil to create a bokeh background. 

fake Bokeh with a tin foil

Crumble the tin foil, and use it as a background for your subject. You can experiment with the results by changing or moving the light over the tin foil. 

2. Underwater photo using a fish tank

Underwater photography is often backed by an expensive budget. Usually, this type of photography involves scuba-diving and a waterproof digital camera. But if you don’t own one or underwater photography is not a practice you often do, you can use a fish tank for shots.

Underwater photo using a fish tank

You can put the camera on the tank to avoid it from getting wet. Also, remember that the regular camera settings will not work. Try to avoid the flash. 

3. Soft focus with a Pantyhose

Soft focus is a popular aesthetic in modern times, and early Hollywood films used this concept of photography for female actresses. While the soft-focus effect uses the imperfection of lens optics, you can use a pantyhose to create a near-perfect soft-focus shot.

Soft focus with a Pantyhose

Use the pantyhose over your lens, and fix it using rubber bands. But remember that different colors of pantyhose will bring different results.

4. Instant bokeh with your laptop

bokeh with laptop

This might not be the most realistic looking photograph, but you can still try out your skills and creativity for fun. Open a bokeh image on your laptop, and use it as background. You might want to place a flat surface over the keyboard if you are planning to click the full length of the object. 

5. Overhead shot with DIY holder.

photography hacks

Overhead shots will require many pieces of equipment, but you can make your own top-down camera holder. Use cardboard to fold in a little shelf, ensuring it makes a semi-square shape with wings on both sides. You hold the wings with cello tapes to hold to the ceiling and put your mobile on the shelf with the desired timer. 

6. Rainy day photography with a spray

Rainy day photography with a spray

If you want fresh looking rainy day photos but are not sure whether it will rain any day soon, you can always create fake rain. You can create a shot through a window where raindrops are resting. This type of photography often uses a glass surface with raindrops, and the subject is behind the glass surface. You can use spray water on the glass surface for effect.

7. Cucoloris photography

If you want some economic cucoloris photography effects, you can use cardboard and a knife to cut them into different shapes. If you want to create a window shadow backdrop, you will need to cut your cardboard with a window shape. Position this shape in front of the camera lighting, and let it cast shadows on the subject.

8. Photo filters with transparent colored films

Surely, you can edit your photos after being clicked with an unlimited number of filters, but there’s nothing like using filters to click your photos. You can use different colored plastic bags or transparent films to place them in front of the lens to get colored filters.

You can always experiment with two different colors at the same time on both sides.

9. Photo filter with sunglasses

One of the great and convenient ways to add filters to your photos is to use your sunglasses. Sunglasses always have a surface that changes the color of the scene.

No matter what camera you have, either professional or mobile, you can use sunglasses in front as you click a picture. 

10. Add lens flare with a torch.

Including a lens flare in your photograph enhances the realistic appearance of the image. When taking photographs outside, it is common to see a lens flare appear in your photographs as the sunsets. Using a torchlight to create artificial light can help you achieve a lens flare indoors if you are trying to photograph in low light.

Natural lens flare requires the manipulation of the subject; whereas an artificial light source is more convenient because it allows for the manipulation of the light source (and thus the subject).


Let’s see which of these photography hacks seems doable for you. Do let us know if you want more creative ideas for photography like them. 

Top 15 Photography Trends in 2021

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photography trends

2020 was an overwhelming year and heavily influences 2021 photography trends. The lockdown has forced people to lead an isolated life, affecting photography in various forms.

As the worldwide pandemic continues to affect daily lives in various countries, take a look at these 15 photography trends that might spark up your life. 

1. Social distancing

The worldwide pandemic will remain in history forever, but why not create happy memories while maintaining social distance and wearing masks? Now that this is our new normal and reality, it is better to show up in photos and memories this way. It will also inspire and remind other people to follow the precautions till all get well again. 

2. Solo adventure

adventure photography

People who are not actively working during the pandemic have found some time to spend on travelling. Some places are still open for travel under restrictions. If you are following precautions and travelling alone, click some great pictures to give a glimpse to those who are stuck at home. 

3. Environment photography

The lockdown has seemed to affect the environment positively. As many factories, the aviation industry and cars have taken a back seat, the pollution level has dropped too. While taking photographs of the healing nature is a new trend, climate change photography to bring awareness is still the top priority.

4. Activism Photography

The pandemic has been brutal on many people, including street sellers and small vendors. It is important to bring their stories to digital platforms. Apart from that, 2020 has also encountered many other issues like racism, hate crimes, discrimination, religious matters, etc., that have taken place in photography trends.

5. Intimate wedding

pandemic wedding

Pandemic weddings are a fad on their own. While many people still went with ‘big fat weddings’, most other responsible ones chose to keep it simple and within the family and close friends. These turned out to be relaxed weddings, and we have come across many beautiful photos where precautions and rituals met beautifully.

6.Family and activities

While few people were forced by lockdown and travel restriction laws to not be together with their families, most others are enjoying quality family time together. Parents in 2020 and 2021 are enjoying their WFH life, where they get to play and do activities with their children and supervise their studies. 

7. Workout photography

workout photography

Because gyms were closed, people experiencing less physical activities have led them to start working out at home. And who doesn’t like to show off their healthy body that is staying fit even during lazy times?

8. Drone photography

Drones are now less expensive and more efficient. Drone photography has become more popular in the last few years, and especially in the previous year. Aerial photography is more manageable with drones, but of course, you cannot fly it anywhere you wish.

9. Food photography

Back when lockdown started, people started practicing their cooking skills. The food and cooking photography trend will still be popular in 2021 because we are pretty sure that many people learned cooking during the lockdown.

10. Art photography

Keeping up with the latest COVID-19 updates is not possible at all times, and we don’t recommend it at all. But if you are looking for an escape, you can start spending time with hobbies and art and inspire others to do the same. Share your art photos in online communities and your social media. We are sure people will love it.

11. Outdoor photography

outdoor photography

Show your friends and online communities how your area and localities have changed in terms of traffic, pollution, gatherings, people on the roads, etc. Outdoor photography has been one of the popular trends since last year as people see the outdoors in a different light. 

12. Silhouettes

Silhouettes have been around forever but have never been a trend. But in 2021, we are seeing many closeups of a person with a focus on the background. 2021 will see many silhouettes, and if you want to jump on the bandwagon, start looking for some unique ideas. 

13. Workstation

We have come across funny photos of workstations of people working from home. Either they are a standard and thoroughly professional set-up, or just some random books and a small table used to elevate a PC. WFH workstation photos are interesting to the online community. 

Note: Poor ergonomics can create physical health issues. 

14. Self-care photography

As chaos and sad news overwhelm the world today, it is important to take time to be away from negativity and focus on self-care. Many online influencers are sharing their self-care photos and videos, urging their fans to do the same. 

15. Emotion


Not meeting friends and family as often as before is taking a toll on many people’s emotions. It is important to share your emotions and thoughts, and photography can be a convenient way to do so. 

Let us know which trend you have already joined and which will be your next. 

real estate photography ideas and tips

With the perpetual increase in population everywhere, people need places to stay. So, one thing is clear that real estate photography will never go out of demand. Real estate photography is required to attract new tenants/buyers. The pictures are put on listings, and if the images are taken well, the place will have many more buyers. 

The place does not have to be great for the pictures to look great. With little tweaks in your style, you can make a home look bigger, spacious, and much chicer than it is. Getting small things right takes time and practice, of course, but there are tricks that you can use right away to make your real estate photography much better than it is now.

Here are Some of Those Tips:

1. Choose the right equipment

Choosing the right equipment will get most of the job done for you. To get crisp and clear pictures of the space and impress any potential buyers, make sure you shoot with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. A wide lens would be best for photography of spaces because it makes a place look more open than it is. You can also use a tripod to ensure that the shots you take during real estate photography are as stable as you can get them.

2. Capture each part of the property

real estate photography tips

It is important to ensure that everything in the property is captured for the potential buyer/tenant to see. That way, it becomes easier for them to make a decision. While capturing each room/space in the property, make sure to take multiple shots from different angles so that you can finalize the best angle. While doing real estate photography, it is also great to convey the essence of the place and enhance its advantages. For example, if an apartment has huge windows with a beautiful view, it would be great to highlight that in the pictures.

3. Prepare your gear for the shoot

Whatever you choose for the shoot, make sure that it is ready the night before. Make sure that your camera has enough charge and carry an extra battery just in case. It is also smart to empty the storage the day before to have enough space for new pictures. Once you are on the site for real estate photography, nothing should stop you from taking as many shots as you can.

4. Minimize distractions

Photographs come out the best when there are no distractions in the picture, and it is clear what the focus of the photo is. The best way to reduce distractions is to declutter the entire space. Make sure there is no mess where you are trying to take the pictures. It would also be good to move any articles and colors that are too loud and overpowering.

5. Take your time

When you enter the house at first, do not start snapping right away. Take your time to walk through the place and plan your shots. Real estate photography results in the best pictures when they are taken with proper planning. Try taking a few sample shots, setting up your lighting and tripod in a place, and taking your final shots. This way, you can be more confident of the outcome.

6. Ensure good lighting

real estate photography kitchen

Lack of light can be a problem for real estate photography. The properties that look bright and well-lit appear much bigger and better places to live in. Make sure that you are shooting with a prominent light source such as a big window or balcony. If not, it would be advisable to get external lights and diffusers to make the place look evenly lit and bright.

7. Great composition

Make sure that the composition is pleasing to the eyes and yet simple. The composition can make or break a picture. So, ensure that everything that is in the frame is there intentionally and has a purpose. Follow the rule of thirds if you are unsure about other things. Try to maintain the balance of the picture with having relevant components.

8. Edit the pictures well

You cannot get the perfect picture without making minor changes post-production. To edit tones, temperature and to balance out highlights and shadows, you have to edit pictures. You can use any software such as Photoshop, Lightroom on either your PC or phone for editing. You can also use phone apps like Snapseed etc.

9. Always shoot in landscape mode

The human brain is said to find landscape mode more pleasing than the portrait format of our phones. This is because the human eye sees roughly in the ratio of 4:3. Also, the landscape view is the most optimal for covering a space that is laid down horizontally. All the elements in the picture in real estate photography will follow a horizontal line in the picture. That is why it makes more sense to click pictures that way.

10. Practice

Practice is what makes one perfect. You can read these tips all day long but what will get you actual skill and talent is your practice. You can do this anywhere. To perfect your skills in real estate photography, you can start at your home or friends’ home. After each shoot is finished, edit the pictures and judge what you like or dislike about each picture. This will give you insight into what you like, the optimal angles and help you develop your own style too.


These are some of the tips that might help you to become an expert in real estate photography. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey; the only thing that matters is that you want to learn. You can begin any time, and you can start learning with any entry-level equipment. It is important to begin somewhere because the point you start, you’ll begin to understand your equipment and photography as an art more. As mentioned in the last tip, the more you do it, the better you will become.

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reflector in photography

Few things are essentials to great photography: composition, story, and lighting. If you get these things right, you make your pictures look great with or without expensive equipment. It isn’t necessary to have bulky professional cameras for great pictures. If you get the basics right, the pictures will turn out great. One of the things that you can start learning is how to make your pictures well-lit. Lighting cannot always be in your control, but you can learn to use the lights you have properly. This can be done with a suitable reflector in photography

How to Choose the Perfect Reflector

There are many kinds of reflectors for you to choose from if you want to use reflectors in photography. Sometimes, the variety can be overwhelming, but once you recognize the kind of pictures you click, it will be easier to narrow down which reflector you should get. There are many sizes of reflectors and shapes as well. The colors are as varied as silver, gold, black, translucent and white.

What are Reflectors Made of?

Reflectors can be made out of any shiny material. You do not even have to buy a reflector in photography as it can be fashioned out of the things lying about in your house. These things are articles with very different uses, and you would never imagine that they can be used in photography. For example, you can use a white cloth to diffuse light and aluminum foil to reflect light when you want sharp contrast in the pictures. You can also use mirrors by angling them so that they reflect the exact amount of light you need. You can also use colored translucent sheets to diffuse colorful light onto the subject.

Ways to Use a Reflector

reflector in photography

If you are starting on your journey as a photographer, you might not be aware of all the ways that a reflector can be used. Knowing what reflector in photography to use in a particular condition can help you improve your skills and quality of pictures. Here are some of the ways that you can use your reflector to benefit you in photography:

  1. As a diffuser – Great lighting is essential, and there are no two ways about that. But when there is too much light in the surrounding, it can ruin the pictures by reducing the quality. In such a situation, using a translucent reflector can save the picture. It diffuses the light and spreads it evenly all over the subject.
  2. Shoot in the shade – When you use a silver reflector in photography, it reflects the light coming from any source. The amount of light that falls on your subject can be adjusted by changing the angle of the reflector. This will help in making sure that the picture is well lit.
  3. Use in too much light – If the light is too harsh, you can use the white reflector to spread the light evenly and lessen the shadows a little bit. Choosing the right reflector here is important. If you use the wrong reflector, you might add too much or too little light.

Here are some ways to use a reflector, but you will figure out many more ways and tricks to use in your pictures as you progress in your photography career.

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