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Ghost Mannequin Photography and Editing.

January 22, 2021 | Blog | No Comments

It’s true, that the high-quality retouching images increase the customer’s attention to the product photo. So mostly the e-commerce company hires the industry professional experts to do the photo editing, photo retouching, and cropping works for their product shots. Do you know what is Ghost mannequin photography and editing works? 

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography? 

Ghost Mannequin or invisible mannequin photography is widely used in the e-commerce industry. The effect allows the photographer to take multiple shots of a product on a model or mannequin, then will remove the model or mannequin and do the post-production works. The resultant photo will show only the product image. Means the ghost mannequin photography focus firmly on your product. 

The aim of an invisible mannequin photoshoot is simple, but the execution can be time-consuming. Also, these photoshoot requires the best practices to perform efficiently. 

How to Plan an Invisible Mannequin Photography? 

To create an invisible or ghost mannequin illusion, first, you need to shoot the product image by worn it on a model or mannequin. Shoot the front and backside of the image. 

If you are using a model for the shoot then, make sure to use the perfect pose which can deliver the product image well. These steps will 100% help for the fashion and clothing industry image photoshoot. If the model is with long hair then tied up the hair. Then, it doesn’t obstruct the clarity of the product image. 

Background settings also are important. Choose the background based on the product color. Position and lighting are very important to this photoshoot. When you are planning to take a photo of a top you have to position your camera at chest level. 

How to Edit a Ghost Mannequin Photo? 

Photoshop is magic; also, a well-experienced person can deliver a resultant photo that you expected.

Once you captured your image photos, you can go for the editing works. There are some online tools available but you need the basic concepts to do the workouts. 

The editing steps involve the elimination of the model or mannequin and background settings. The steps involve joining the backside of the waist or neck. Have to resize and zoom the images. Remove the unnecessary parts and retouch the photo with cropping and color settings. 

If you are editing the pictures professionally. Then, the resultant photo will be the perfect shot of the product. You can use it for commercial purposes to get better customer attention.

5 Ways To Identify Doctored Images.

January 14, 2021 | Blog | No Comments

identify doctored images

What is a doctored images? Have you heard this word before? The name ‘doctored’ refers to a manipulated photograph. Only an intelligent observer can detect subtle hints of photograph forgery.

Luckily, there are some ways of training yourself to recognize an edited photograph. This article, describing the 5 ways to identify doctored images.

Look Over The Image

For finding a manipulated image this thing you have to do for the first. Before using any tools you keep an eye for red flags. Sometimes, it is easy to find out and could note it as the manipulated photo. And you can look for the rough edges, poorly worded test, or unnatural cropping- all of these can indicate the photo manipulation. 

You can zoom the images and check the subtle mistakes. Photo manipulation is not easy for everyone. And improper photo editing works can be easily recognized. A professional photo editor can do great work of manipulating photos.

Understanding Image Source.

When you are looking into an image you suspect may be fake. Check where this image has come from and see whether or not the image is shared on other platforms. 

There may be some image share related to the war, fire accidents, floods, etc. Before believing the picture you have to identify the source of the particular picture. And also verify with the top news sites. 

Does the Image Look Scary?

Check the image has come from a person’s imagination. Emotion is a symbol of quality photojournalism. There is a quote by the famous photographer Late Eddie Adams “Rip your heart out.” So an image can bring out your emotions. 

But a bad or wrong picture that looks scary makes you angry and that may be a fake news contender. So verifying the image is important. 

Examining It For Photo Manipulation With Advanced Tools.

You can use Fotoforensics, this tool will help you to identify the hidden pixels, metadata details, error level analysis. While it does not completely state whether a picture is real or fake, it does allow you to view the image in a completely new way so that errors can be easily detected.

To check the particular video or photo was taken outside you can use SunCalc. This will show the movement of the Sun and easily could identify the timing.

Plugins To Recognize Fake Images

It is a long-term step for identifying a fake image. There are plenty of browser plugins available and that all can helps to recognize the manipulated images. If you add the InVID verification Plugin to your browser this will debunk the fake news and images. 

Hope this article helped you to understand the doctored images. The article is by Shootpro24, is an advanced photo editing and video editing company in Illinois, USA. You can get in touch for efficient works in photo editing, photo retouching, video editing, and more services. 

linkedin photo editor

Are you a professional? Looking for some easy tips to get attention in your LinkedIn? Here going to introduce some simple tips for the perfect LinkedIn photo clicks. An excellent LinkedIn photo editor can help you with it.  

Your LinkedIn photo is not only for helping to get recognized but also it connects to new opportunities. The opportunities are maybe about a new job, business-related, or an invitation to talk at an industry event. Simply having a profile photo results in more connection requests. 

So, you may know the importance of LinkedIn profile photo. But, there is no need to hire a professional photographer. You can edit or retouch your favorite photo with a professional photo-editing team. Shootpro24 is one of the best photo editing and photo retouching service provider in Illinois, US. Will provide the simple and perfect LinkedIn photo editor works with latest technology. Get in touch with us for the work samples and affordable price tags.

Why we Special For Photo Editing Services. 

There are many service providers available in the industry. But with shootpro24 you will get some advanced technology services in the field. You will get a quick and easy way of editing your favorite photos. We can crop your photos even if it’s from a selfie or group photo. We have many technologically advanced editing options that can provide the pictures with high-quality. 

How to take Pictures For LinkedIn Profile 

  • Keep it Simple: Take your professional page profile photo as simple and real. You can set the background with white or black. If you are taking the picture with a natural background then select a peaceful place. Anyway, any of your favorite photos can be edit cleverly by a professional photo editor. 
  • Dressing Sense: Select some professional, formal outfit that looks great for you. Try to avoid adding fancy jewels and party wear outfits. Your dressing sense will value your appearance, so if you are putting a great picture as your LinkedIn profile will get more attention. 
  • Try to avoid taking selfies, because in selfies the resultant photo will not be perfect with a professional look. 
  • Be Yourself: In the photo show your real look. Your poss and expression need to be perfect in the profile picture. 

You can share your requirements online with Shootpro24. Send your wishes to

Photo Retouching Services In Illinois, US.

December 23, 2020 | Blog | No Comments

photo retouching services

The photo retouching services have the power to rebuild your favorite photo to the latest quality picture. Shootpro24 has been at the top of the list of best photo retouching service providers in Illinois. The company has been committed to providing excellent services to customers for years.

Photo Retouching Services 

High-end Editing Services 

A team of highly talented professionals can make your images with industrial standard improvements. In Shootpro24 you can find a dedicated team and advanced photo retouching tools to deliver the best services. 

As a leading photo retouching company in Illinois, US, the company offer excellent services for Photographers, E-commerce, Online retailers, fashion brands, and jewelry. The company provides the best photo editing and retouching services with a limited time margin and 100% image privacy. 

Explore the Incredibility Quality and Fast Service. 

Real estate photo retouching services in illinois

The professional photo editing experts can deliver the best editing services for your pictures. 

Image Retouching Services 

  • Image editing and retouching begin with cropping, culling, and format changing. 
  • Color Correction Services – Editing the contrast, white balance, shadows, brightness, exposure, and other editing needs. 
  • Shootpro24 gives the services with cost-effective. 
  • Face and Body Retouching services- Skin airbrushing, wrinkles removal. eye color change, digital teeth whitening, and virtual makeup. 
  • Wedding photography, event photo shoots retouching services. 
  • Fashion and product photos retouching with advanced tools. 

The business photo shoot needs the best editing and retouching services for better image quality. Our experts increase the value of your images and remove the unwanted details, light correction, drawbacks, etc. 

Key Features of Image Retouching Works.

The key features of image editing and retouching services will result in an excellent image solution. In Shootpro24 You will get the best performances in the image correction, color adjustments, spot removal, and many others. With years of experience, we can give you outstanding photo editing and retouching services. We especially deal with the retouching services which can fulfill our client’s expectations. 

If you want to get to know more about our services and price tags, please get in touch with us through We can provide the industry photo editing and retouching services with the affordable costs.

headshot retouching services

Choosing professional digital headshot retouching services can significantly enhance image quality. The services may include enhancing background, retouching shadows, whitening teeth, correcting red-eye, coloring fixing, body re-shaping, etc. So, if you have such requirements for your project then need to collaborate with a reputed photo editing company to eliminate the flaws. 

At Shootpro24, we use specialized techniques for photo editing and photo retouching services in the US. Our primary aim is to industry-grade professional photo editing services for the clients. Over the decade we have been assisting top photo shooting firms, corporate, e-commerce companies, models, etc. We provide effective digital photo editing services to improve the quality of a better result. This means we make your picture completely natural. Also, we ensure the editing will be secured and we will never give any artificial looks for the pictures. 

Have Looks To Our Headshot Retouching Services. 

  1. Basic Headshot Retouching
  2. Theatrical Headshot Editing 
  3. Advanced Headshot Editing 
  4. Business and Corporate Edits 
  5. Commercial Headshots Editing 
  6. Editing For Models and Actors

1. Basic Headshot Retouching

The Basic headshot editing means the realistic image of the person including beauty marks and all. This editing is recommended for upcoming actors and models. Our basic services enhance the portraits to create impact and it will give amazing looks. The works include;

  • Skin toning and smoothening 
  • Contrast and brightness adjustments 
  • Basic touch-ups for the face 
  • Teeth whitening & Eye correction
  • Background clearance.

2. Theatrical Headshot Retouching

The Theatrical headshot editing is about to create theatrical characters by using a variety of effects. Our experts will provide advanced services by using high-quality editing software. We will do;

  • Digital make-up services 
  • Will use dodge and desire to add drama
  • Removing or replacing the background features 
  • Hair & Eye editing and adjustments 
  • Advanced techniques for the facial edits. 

3. Advanced Headshot Editing Services 

Our advanced photo retouching services will give great attention to your photos. This will give you the best editing works that your photo deserves. All photo retouching process needs a technically talented professional for a better result. The services will be;

  • Removing pimples, eyebags, blemishes, etc. 
  • Reducing skin blemishes like wrinkles, birthmarks, scars, etc. 
  • Editing the image noise. 
  • Digital makeup and that looks natural for the photo. 
  • Whitening the teeth and re-eyes edits
  • Smoothening the skin. 
  •  Face reshaping. 

4. Business And Corporate Edits

This edits having a great presentable photo. The headshot edits should be able to give a reliable, authoritative look for a person’s photo. 

  • Removing the skin wrinkles and scars. 
  • Sharpening eyes 
  • Removing pimples, blemishes, and dark circles. 
  • Teeth brightening and lip adjustments 
  • Background changes 
  • Cloth fixing and body level-up

5. Commercial Headshot Edits

This type of editing will give more positive quality to the picture and that will attract your customers. For taking shots you have to carry an expression that will create a trustworthy approach. If you are in the team of a product-based company you can use these kinds of editing for advertisement photo editing. 

  • Edits the distracting elements and background adjustments. 
  • Stray hairs remove and adding highlights.
  • Eye correction and Teeth whitening. 
  • Body size edits if required. 
  • Fixing and straightening clothes. 

6. Edits For Models and Actor

If you are a model/actor either you want to edit the picture like that then contact for high-end retouching services. This editing service is especially for the actor and models, using special techniques for a better look. 

  • Color editing, highlights& Shadows retouching.
  • Adjusting the saturation and exposure of the picture. 
  • Photo sharpness, brightness, and contrast adjustments. 
  • Removing skin imperfections. 
  • Skin textures smoothening and toning. 

Also, you want some advanced elements to do the headshot retouching works. We are happy to tell you that our experts will available to deliver the industry’s best services. Please contact us if any requirements related to photo editing, photo retouching, image manipulation, and video editing services.