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Understand Drone Safety And Regulations In US.

November 30, 2020 | Blog | No Comments

Using a drone for the shooting is very common these days. So, it is important to understand drone safety and regulations. With a perfect drone shoot, you can make some incredible videos.  Making some wonder you may have to hire some expert for drone accessing.

Drone safety regulations in US

There are several FAA regulations regarding the use of drones. Furthermore, when a drone is used for any commercial purpose, it poses a significant risk to the business itself, including proper licensing, insurance, and formal FAA accreditation when required if all operators do not strictly follow proper procedures.

Drone Safety And Regulations In US.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has newly announced a revision to the FAA Reauthorization act of 2018, resulting in new versions in the New US Drone Law 2020.

drone safety and regulations

Here the summery;

  • Register your drone and carry the receipt with you while operating your drone.
  • Fly the drone only for recreational goals.
  • Fly your drone at a maximum height of 400 meters.
  • Avoid using the drone in controlled airspace or over airports. But if necessitated, you can ask for authorization from LAANC.
  • Never operate your drone under the impact of drugs or alcohol.
  • Keep your drone under your planning and range of vision.
  • Your drones should not be outfit with weapons.

Use this safety and regulations while using drone for shooting videos. You can get in touch with us for the perfect video editing services. We Shootpro24, provides high-quality photo and video editing services in Illinois, US.

Photo Manipulation: What Do and Don’t.

November 10, 2020 | Blog | No Comments

photo manipulation

Image editing is needed for us to get the normal picture into a publication-quality image. But the inappropriate manipulation of images can lead to some serious issues. So there you have to know how to do photo manipulation effectively.

Photo manipulation is the method of changing digital image by using an authorized image editing software. An expert or outsource image editing service provider can do the work for you creatively through the white hat methods. Image manipulation is an art, giving more beauty and clarity to the picture. Also, while editing, makes sure that you know the limitations and never abuse the powers of image manipulation. 

Image manipulation works

Photo Manipulation How You Can Do?

1. Use It For Improving Quality of The Photo.

quality images

For Example, if you have captured some moments of your festival or holiday by using a normal camera. If the resultant image is not so good and looks blurry. You can use image manipulation works to clear it. 

2. Photo Manipulation To Entertain or Amuse.

If you wanted to entertain your audience by showing manipulated photographs then you can do it. This is allowed under rights and copyright laws. These types of image manipulations are considered entertainments and harmless. 

3. Combination of Two or More Pictures For Advertisements.

combination of pictures

If you are want to advertise your product with a mixture of some pictures can use manipulation work. Also, make sure that the images that you have taken are with the legal rights to use commercially. 

You May Abuse Photo Manipulation If: 

1. Manipulated Picture As Reality

If you are taking the images of any company logos, brands into a public figure’s clothing will damage their reputation. This you are doing without the person’s knowledge will be a harmful issue if it got viral on the internet.

photo manipulation

2. Your Manipulation Works Damage Someone Reputation.

If you use any celebrity image badly that will be a serious issue and it’s against the laws. These kinds of works will affect a person personally and damage their reputation in public.

3. You Manipulate The Images To Lie To People.

image manipulation ideas

Never use your skills to damage people’s minds. For example, some photographers shoot pictures from war zones, weapons and manipulate the images, and believing a lie to people based on that.

Now you have got an idea about what you can do and don’t with image manipulation works. For the perfect image editing and manipulation works you have to meet the experts from the industry. There you will get good results by following all the rules and regulations. 

Tips For The Best Professional Wedding Photos

November 7, 2020 | Blog | No Comments

photoshoot idea

The theme or ideas of wedding photography has changed a lot in the last decade. Wedding photoshoots are in high demand now more than ever. And you should add new strategies to get a better place in the industry. Here this article will help you to find some ultimate tips for the best professional wedding photos.

A wedding is a precious moment for everyone’s life, so have to capture every second memorably. If you are a wedding photographer, you are responsible to do this work effectively. Here are some basic tips for a wedding photoshoot

  • Do a study of the wedding plan.
  • Learn about the couples
  • Create a schedule for photos based on the couple’s plan.
  • Stay in contact with the wedding coordinator/event management.
  • Have a list of photoshoots.
  • Learn about the location so it will be easy for lighting adjustments and background settings.

What Is Wedding Photography?

For the first, you have to understand what makes shooting a wedding ceremony challenging. It is a very stressful task for photographers. Because accidentally deleting photographs from your hand or losing the memory card can be a big problem.

Saying that, if you are a wedding photographer with great knowledge, you are a superhero. Here you will get only one chance for each moment shoot. So have to be very clever to capture those without any missing.

Like many other photographers, you can make a wedding photography contract in advance. This agreement should include the total number of photos your clients will get after the shoot.

Wedding Photography Tips

Hope the below tips will encourage you to take some interesting and adorable wedding photos.

Wedding photoshoot

1. Test Your Camera In Advance.

For indoor and outdoor shoots you have to change the lighting adjustment all. So before starting for the wedding photography shoots you can just check the camera outputs and all.

2. Packing Accessories.

As a professional wedding photographer, making excuses for your crashes doesn’t seem good. So first you have to prepare a list of accessories for the particular wedding work. Pack everything a day in advance and re-check before leaving.

If you can, bring a laptop also to manage the back of pictures in real-time.

3. Ask Someone To Assist.

Anyway, you can’t manage all your accessories alone while shooting. So you need a good assistance to take the best wedding photoshoots. Also, the person can help you with lighting adjustments and background settings. Based on the project budget you can choose the person to assist you.

4. Pre-plan The Shoot

Pre-plan the wedding photography shoot is just as great as the shoot itself. Make some extra time for this work and you have to schedule the time for the bride and groom photoshoot. Choose the locations for a perfect couple of photos.

5. Know Your Clients.

Getting great photos is purely dependent on your client mentality. So, make a study about your client and their comfortability for the shoot. There you have to provide some extra instruction to capture the best wedding photos. Also, you have to be patient with the newlyweds. The more you interact with them, they will enjoy the experience.

6. First Captures.

Professional wedding photoshoots

Wedding photography is the most beautiful moment and the couple wants good memories from it. For professional wedding photos you can include the moments of their first kiss, first dance, and first look. Plan the time for each shot, and make sure that you have taken the most beautiful one.

Try different angles poss for the first moments, for example, the entry of the couple you can shoot in multiple points.

7. Shoot The Perfect Reactions.

Here you can shoot the perfect moments of the wedding ceremony. If you notice guests and friends having any fun or dance you can add that also into the album. Candid shots are more beautiful than normal clicks. Those expressions of the relatives, family, and friends show their blessing towards the cousins.

To understand the guests, you can discuss the guest list and chart them on a VIP basis. Ask about the special guests for the priority portraits.

8. Look For Smiles.

Where there is a smile, that’s the worthiest shot. To take these pictures you can focus on kids, friends groups, and grandparent’s reactions. These moments are not created one, because needed originality. So you can ask your assistant to check these moments in the surroundings.

9.Edit With Good Efforts.

Once you have taken all the photos it is needed some editing work for the final result. If online sources are not enough, you can go for the best outsource photo editing companies.


That’s a lot of ideas for beginners! Hopefully, this article is helped you to think about your upcoming wedding photo shoot plans. In the comment section please note your valuable advice for the industry newcomers.

professional video editing services in USA

Before, video editing has typically been related to film production, broadcasting, TV, and similar industries. But now the new and advanced technology gives the opportunity that everyone can film their adventures. Even if you take videos, only the best editing works can offer the satisfaction of the mind. Here is the best way to find professional video editing services near you.

The right professional video editor can promise the quality of work. But how do you know what are the main points you have to check with them, and how to get the works at the best price?

Understand Video Editing Service Provider

First, you have to understand what are the works they will do for you. Videos can be shoot for many purposes, such as client testimonials, real estate, corporate marketing, training videos, travel videos, documentaries, wedding videos, other party videos, and personal footages. Since your videos are your identity or memories, you need a perfect partner to edit it.
There are many video editing service providers in the industry.

Therefore, choosing the right one may be a difficult task for you. First, you must understand what your video editor truly does. Film video editing is quite difficult than other video editing services. It can be quite an expensive service, but with the quality service only we will get a good result. So, never go with the cheapest service for such video editing works.

A talented video editor can show the extra-ordinary result for his creators. In videos, we have to give more importance to the content, sound, and graphics. Mostly the service providers will ensure the video is fit for the right platform and purpose. Even, they will give you the best suggestions for a better outcome.

As you know the quality work might be expensive, but that is worth it. A great video editor will check your footage and take the best bits out of that and will give you a fantastic final video. Normally, the best video editing service provider will sit with their clients and understand the client’s needs and explain their possibilities to reach a good result.

The best way to find a professional video editor is they will understand the value of clean final edit. Whether it’s for branding, marketing, film, personal, or TV they will first discuss the possibilities of better outcomes.

Skills Of A Perfect Video Editor

There are many skills needed to make a video editor great. First of all, they should be a natural storyteller with a creative mind. An envision of the final result and a clear plan about exact editing and cutting portions of the video. Great knowledge of all editing software will make them unique from the other service providers. They should have the patience to understand the details, a good sense of timing, visual awareness, and great IT Skills.

If you have an idea about the portions where you need the edits will be an advantage for them to show their extra-ordinary skills. For corporate video editing services, you have to meet the expert someone who has specialized in such niches. General video editing like birthday visuals, holidays, and other personal videos can be done by anyone from the industry. But, corporate videos need special attention from the experts.

How Will Be The Video Editing Process?

Once you choose the perfect video editing service provider then, this will be the next step. Well, the editor will verify the footage you given to them. Then they will start to combine various parts of the videos. Cutting, adjusting, editing will do at this level. After that, they will check the sound quality and remove unwanted voices.

They might also add text, titles, subtitles, and special effects to richer the video. If you require additional effects such as high definition, color editing, enhancement, you can ask your service provider. Editing the videos can be complex, so it will take some time to get completion. The main important point is you have to ensure that your service provider works under copyright law and all. Especially, you have to confirm this if you will use this video for YouTube.

In most cases, a professional video editor will know the proper legislation to ensure it’s all above board. Most professional video editors will follow the copyright guidelines for their videos.

Choose The Best Video Editing Services

When you are choosing a video editor you can ask about their portfolios. But, don’t forget to ask to see the original visuals. Which means their recent works for previous clients. Through their videos, you will be able to understand the quality and result that you can expect from them.

With more than a decade of experience, Shootpro24 stands as the best video editing service provider in Illinois, USA. A great efficient team with highly advanced technology can fulfill client expectations and deliver the results in a short time. With high professionals able to do the online video editing services for the demanded clients. Specialized in corporate video editing services, wedding video editing, events video editing, real estate video editing, and personal video editing services.

how to choose the right photo editing services

Hey folks, still looking for the right outsourcing service for your photo editing and retouching task?

Choosing an excellent photo editing service provider is a very crucial decision. You have to analyze the service provider by considering some points. This article is going to tell you the proven methods for ‘How to choose the right photo editing services?

Nowadays, no photograph is accurate until it has been retouched and edited by using advanced techniques. A great photo editing works will be through brightness equalization, contour adjustment, contrast smoothing, background editing, filtering, and many more. There is no doubt that performing these works yourself or with an in-house team is a difficult task and it needs lots of involvement and time. For perfect photo editing, you need the right training as well as skill development to ensure the quality of the outcomes. Alternatively, you could reach the best photo editing professionals directly for such services. This will cut down the extra obstacles and assures your business achieves the top level of efficiency and productivity.

How To Choose The Right Photo Editing Services?

Below you can find out the best tips to find out the best photo editing company near for your photo retouching services.

1. Consider the Field Experience of the Organization.

Choosing a professional photo editing company would be pointless if they assigned your project to an inexperienced or a fresher. Generally, some photo-editing companies specialize in specific industries. And they have industry veterans with years of experience under their belts performing related projects. Through that, you can find out the demonstrated experiences and samples that are specific to your projects.

2. Age of the Organization is A Factor.

Older organizations are generally those who survived the test of time, and people have trust in their services. The highly experienced firm premise that they are providing a high level of quality of editing in their photo retouching services.

3. Customer Reviews.

Even highly recommended photo editing company should be checked. Here you have to check the customer reviews on the website and third-party channels, like TrustPilot, Google, Social Medias, and others. There will be certain numbers of reviews check the reviews and you will come to know more about the organization.

For additional Google reviews, put ‘Company name +Scam‘ on google search.

4. Technology Used By the Image Editing Company

All the leading photo editing agencies are ostensibly be using the most advanced technology and software for the services. These makes the difference when compared with the low-end or mid-end technology edits. Because with lots of functionalities and features this high-end photo editing software’s will provide the better result.

So before choosing the photo editing services you can verify the company that uses most cutting-edge technology to ensure the work quality.

5. Check The Security of Your Data.

This is very important that you should reach the right photo editing company for the safety of your data.

Check the company quality certifications. Check company is ISO 9001 certified or not? You can ask to the authorities of the organization for documentations and all. If you are working with personal information or any sensational projects or secret pictures you can ask for security agreements.

6. Consider The Cost Of Work.

You have to check the cost of photo editing services, as it is a major consideration. You can compare prices with different photo editing companies. At the same time, the quality of the work must be considered. Set your budget and needs first then meet your service provider. Also, check their accepted payment methods.

7. Now What?

Have you got an idea about how to choose the right photo editing company? Make a spreadsheet with all the collected data based on the above tips. Then relax your mind, and choose the best photo editing company for your project.

Shootpro24 with decades of experiences always trustworthy for the customers. With high-end professionals the company has become one of the best photo editing service providers in Illinois. The services includes photo stitching, image processing, retouching, cropping, color manipulation, and many more.

All our team are experts in image editing workshop and having great years of experiences under their service sector. Contact us for the best editing works for your School day photographs, wedding photographs, event photographs, birthday photoshoot, business moments, and more. We have the power of technology to edit your pictures with in a limited deadline. Relax your mind by giving the photo editing job to the right company like Shootpro24.