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Mom and Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

November 7, 2021 | Blog | No Comments

best mom and daughter photography ideas

The relationship between a mother and her daughter is the most beautiful bond in the world. The mother raises her daughter, and the daughter becomes a mirror reflecting her mother in a best-enhanced way. A mother dreams of bestowing her daughter with the love, care, and learnings that she learned and struggled with to make a better place for her daughter. Here are some mom and daughter photoshoot ideas.

This relationship goes through many changes and turns over the years as the daughter grows into an independent woman, making her mother proud. This relationship should be treasured most creatively with memories that the daughter will cherish throughout her life. The pictures will speak a thousand words to the mother who sees her younger and her future self in her daughter, who will be grown in no time, yet remain a baby girl to her.

Here are few creative ideas listed with a significance that will add to the memories and bonding of the mother and daughter and portray it in the best way.

Ideas for Mom and Daughter photoshoot

1.A mom and daughter picnic photoshoot is imperative to have personal mother and daughter days to bond and learn and become best friends. A picnic set of the favorite food made by mom with activities and stills from such memories deserves to be captured. Playing and eating together – these memories are significant and are an excellent idea for an outdoor photoshoot.

2. Mother putting makeup on the daughter and vice versa – This idea can be carried like a contrast time machine when the mother will apply makeup to her baby girl for the first time and when the daughter grows up, her applying makeup on her mother’s face. This is an overwhelming moment among the plenty where the mother feels and sees her daughter growing up. This will contribute to a great photo shoot.

Mom and daughter photoshoot ideas

3. Pictures of doing fun activities – The fun-filled activities can add to a great memory box that both the mother and daughter can cherish throughout their lives. Be it playing badminton together to baking while the daughter plays with the dough. Or if it is catching and running or making a sandcastle together, not only does it create new memories, but the photoshoot captures the moments and keeps them young and alive forever.

4. The first time getting ready for school is one of the essential memories every daughter will cherish when the mother will prep the daughter for going to school, comb her hair, and groom her in her way. This moment should be captured through the lenses which will cater to a great memory as the first day of school.

5. Cooking together – A daughter follows her mother’s footsteps and tries to recreate the classic dishes of the mother, which amounts to yet another fantastic memory. The mother and daughter playing and learning the plate together can be a beautiful memory worth cherishing and is an excellent idea for a photoshoot.

6. Mother hoisting the daughter up is the most common emotion related to the mother, as she holds her baby daughter to her lap and hoists her up before the daughter is taught to learn walking. This photo can turn into reverse when the daughter grows up and lifts her mother. This contrast can be a very emotional and overwhelming memory for both the mother and the daughter.

mom and daughter outdoor shoot

7. Wearing the same outfit for a photo shoot is the most common and popular idea for a mother and daughter photoshoot, which is very significant in their bond. This fashion photoshoot can take place either indoors or outdoors. This picture will be very substantial and hold a close memory.

8. Shopping together – This idea is another most famous and significant, and this also boosts the bond between the mother and the daughter as they get to know their tastes in design and choices together.

9. Spa day – It is one of the most important activities of the mother to bestow the importance of skincare. And to turn it into a photoshoot idea is an excellent inspiration for the daughter to participate enthusiastically in it. Posing for a picture while having a facial spa is very fun. It creates a great memory for both the daughter and the mother, you there is the added benefit of beautiful skin.


Pictures create a great walk down the memory lane, and when the pictures are this creative, they will portray the efforts and inputs it took to produce the best photoshoot to create the best memory. These pictures need very minimal props, just the right care, love, and enthusiasm, and the background can produce beautiful ideas into action. These pictures must be treasured throughout their lives and ideas are always passed on for better use, so this can become an idea for the future generation of the mother and daughter.

photography ideas

Have you ever wished you knew how to take photographs that are both stunning and professional in appearance? Every professional-looking photograph is the result of years of expertise, extensive experience, and high-end photography equipment. However, you do not have to go that far in order to capture your own amazing photographs. Check out here for creative photography hacks.

Instead, you need to turn on your creative mode, and your basic photography gears will turn out to be as apt as any high-end equipment would be. 

Here are 10 creative photography tips and hacks that will surprise you with the results. 

1. Fake Bokeh with a tin foil

Creating bokeh photographs is certainly about having a fast camera, skills, and few camera settings. But if you are not a professional photographer, you can use tin foil to create a bokeh background. 

fake Bokeh with a tin foil

Crumble the tin foil, and use it as a background for your subject. You can experiment with the results by changing or moving the light over the tin foil. 

2. Underwater photo using a fish tank

Underwater photography is often backed by an expensive budget. Usually, this type of photography involves scuba-diving and a waterproof digital camera. But if you don’t own one or underwater photography is not a practice you often do, you can use a fish tank for shots.

Underwater photo using a fish tank

You can put the camera on the tank to avoid it from getting wet. Also, remember that the regular camera settings will not work. Try to avoid the flash. 

3. Soft focus with a Pantyhose

Soft focus is a popular aesthetic in modern times, and early Hollywood films used this concept of photography for female actresses. While the soft-focus effect uses the imperfection of lens optics, you can use a pantyhose to create a near-perfect soft-focus shot.

Soft focus with a Pantyhose

Use the pantyhose over your lens, and fix it using rubber bands. But remember that different colors of pantyhose will bring different results.

4. Instant bokeh with your laptop

bokeh with laptop

This might not be the most realistic looking photograph, but you can still try out your skills and creativity for fun. Open a bokeh image on your laptop, and use it as background. You might want to place a flat surface over the keyboard if you are planning to click the full length of the object. 

5. Overhead shot with DIY holder.

photography hacks

Overhead shots will require many pieces of equipment, but you can make your own top-down camera holder. Use cardboard to fold in a little shelf, ensuring it makes a semi-square shape with wings on both sides. You hold the wings with cello tapes to hold to the ceiling and put your mobile on the shelf with the desired timer. 

6. Rainy day photography with a spray

Rainy day photography with a spray

If you want fresh looking rainy day photos but are not sure whether it will rain any day soon, you can always create fake rain. You can create a shot through a window where raindrops are resting. This type of photography often uses a glass surface with raindrops, and the subject is behind the glass surface. You can use spray water on the glass surface for effect.

7. Cucoloris photography

If you want some economic cucoloris photography effects, you can use cardboard and a knife to cut them into different shapes. If you want to create a window shadow backdrop, you will need to cut your cardboard with a window shape. Position this shape in front of the camera lighting, and let it cast shadows on the subject.

8. Photo filters with transparent colored films

Surely, you can edit your photos after being clicked with an unlimited number of filters, but there’s nothing like using filters to click your photos. You can use different colored plastic bags or transparent films to place them in front of the lens to get colored filters.

You can always experiment with two different colors at the same time on both sides.

9. Photo filter with sunglasses

One of the great and convenient ways to add filters to your photos is to use your sunglasses. Sunglasses always have a surface that changes the color of the scene.

No matter what camera you have, either professional or mobile, you can use sunglasses in front as you click a picture. 

10. Add lens flare with a torch.

Including a lens flare in your photograph enhances the realistic appearance of the image. When taking photographs outside, it is common to see a lens flare appear in your photographs as the sunsets. Using a torchlight to create artificial light can help you achieve a lens flare indoors if you are trying to photograph in low light.

Natural lens flare requires the manipulation of the subject; whereas an artificial light source is more convenient because it allows for the manipulation of the light source (and thus the subject).


Let’s see which of these photography hacks seems doable for you. Do let us know if you want more creative ideas for photography like them.