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Top 15 Photography Trends in 2021

July 28, 2021 | Blog | No Comments

photography trends

2020 was an overwhelming year and heavily influences 2021 photography trends. The lockdown has forced people to lead an isolated life, affecting photography in various forms.

As the worldwide pandemic continues to affect daily lives in various countries, take a look at these 15 photography trends that might spark up your life. 

1. Social distancing

The worldwide pandemic will remain in history forever, but why not create happy memories while maintaining social distance and wearing masks? Now that this is our new normal and reality, it is better to show up in photos and memories this way. It will also inspire and remind other people to follow the precautions till all get well again. 

2. Solo adventure

adventure photography

People who are not actively working during the pandemic have found some time to spend on travelling. Some places are still open for travel under restrictions. If you are following precautions and travelling alone, click some great pictures to give a glimpse to those who are stuck at home. 

3. Environment photography

The lockdown has seemed to affect the environment positively. As many factories, the aviation industry and cars have taken a back seat, the pollution level has dropped too. While taking photographs of the healing nature is a new trend, climate change photography to bring awareness is still the top priority.

4. Activism Photography

The pandemic has been brutal on many people, including street sellers and small vendors. It is important to bring their stories to digital platforms. Apart from that, 2020 has also encountered many other issues like racism, hate crimes, discrimination, religious matters, etc., that have taken place in photography trends.

5. Intimate wedding

pandemic wedding

Pandemic weddings are a fad on their own. While many people still went with ‘big fat weddings’, most other responsible ones chose to keep it simple and within the family and close friends. These turned out to be relaxed weddings, and we have come across many beautiful photos where precautions and rituals met beautifully.

6.Family and activities

While few people were forced by lockdown and travel restriction laws to not be together with their families, most others are enjoying quality family time together. Parents in 2020 and 2021 are enjoying their WFH life, where they get to play and do activities with their children and supervise their studies. 

7. Workout photography

workout photography

Because gyms were closed, people experiencing less physical activities have led them to start working out at home. And who doesn’t like to show off their healthy body that is staying fit even during lazy times?

8. Drone photography

Drones are now less expensive and more efficient. Drone photography has become more popular in the last few years, and especially in the previous year. Aerial photography is more manageable with drones, but of course, you cannot fly it anywhere you wish.

9. Food photography

Back when lockdown started, people started practicing their cooking skills. The food and cooking photography trend will still be popular in 2021 because we are pretty sure that many people learned cooking during the lockdown.

10. Art photography

Keeping up with the latest COVID-19 updates is not possible at all times, and we don’t recommend it at all. But if you are looking for an escape, you can start spending time with hobbies and art and inspire others to do the same. Share your art photos in online communities and your social media. We are sure people will love it.

11. Outdoor photography

outdoor photography

Show your friends and online communities how your area and localities have changed in terms of traffic, pollution, gatherings, people on the roads, etc. Outdoor photography has been one of the popular trends since last year as people see the outdoors in a different light. 

12. Silhouettes

Silhouettes have been around forever but have never been a trend. But in 2021, we are seeing many closeups of a person with a focus on the background. 2021 will see many silhouettes, and if you want to jump on the bandwagon, start looking for some unique ideas. 

13. Workstation

We have come across funny photos of workstations of people working from home. Either they are a standard and thoroughly professional set-up, or just some random books and a small table used to elevate a PC. WFH workstation photos are interesting to the online community. 

Note: Poor ergonomics can create physical health issues. 

14. Self-care photography

As chaos and sad news overwhelm the world today, it is important to take time to be away from negativity and focus on self-care. Many online influencers are sharing their self-care photos and videos, urging their fans to do the same. 

15. Emotion


Not meeting friends and family as often as before is taking a toll on many people’s emotions. It is important to share your emotions and thoughts, and photography can be a convenient way to do so. 

Let us know which trend you have already joined and which will be your next. 

real estate photography ideas and tips

With the perpetual increase in population everywhere, people need places to stay. So, one thing is clear that real estate photography will never go out of demand. Real estate photography is required to attract new tenants/buyers. The pictures are put on listings, and if the images are taken well, the place will have many more buyers. 

The place does not have to be great for the pictures to look great. With little tweaks in your style, you can make a home look bigger, spacious, and much chicer than it is. Getting small things right takes time and practice, of course, but there are tricks that you can use right away to make your real estate photography much better than it is now.

Here are Some of Those Tips:

1. Choose the right equipment

Choosing the right equipment will get most of the job done for you. To get crisp and clear pictures of the space and impress any potential buyers, make sure you shoot with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. A wide lens would be best for photography of spaces because it makes a place look more open than it is. You can also use a tripod to ensure that the shots you take during real estate photography are as stable as you can get them.

2. Capture each part of the property

real estate photography tips

It is important to ensure that everything in the property is captured for the potential buyer/tenant to see. That way, it becomes easier for them to make a decision. While capturing each room/space in the property, make sure to take multiple shots from different angles so that you can finalize the best angle. While doing real estate photography, it is also great to convey the essence of the place and enhance its advantages. For example, if an apartment has huge windows with a beautiful view, it would be great to highlight that in the pictures.

3. Prepare your gear for the shoot

Whatever you choose for the shoot, make sure that it is ready the night before. Make sure that your camera has enough charge and carry an extra battery just in case. It is also smart to empty the storage the day before to have enough space for new pictures. Once you are on the site for real estate photography, nothing should stop you from taking as many shots as you can.

4. Minimize distractions

Photographs come out the best when there are no distractions in the picture, and it is clear what the focus of the photo is. The best way to reduce distractions is to declutter the entire space. Make sure there is no mess where you are trying to take the pictures. It would also be good to move any articles and colors that are too loud and overpowering.

5. Take your time

When you enter the house at first, do not start snapping right away. Take your time to walk through the place and plan your shots. Real estate photography results in the best pictures when they are taken with proper planning. Try taking a few sample shots, setting up your lighting and tripod in a place, and taking your final shots. This way, you can be more confident of the outcome.

6. Ensure good lighting

real estate photography kitchen

Lack of light can be a problem for real estate photography. The properties that look bright and well-lit appear much bigger and better places to live in. Make sure that you are shooting with a prominent light source such as a big window or balcony. If not, it would be advisable to get external lights and diffusers to make the place look evenly lit and bright.

7. Great composition

Make sure that the composition is pleasing to the eyes and yet simple. The composition can make or break a picture. So, ensure that everything that is in the frame is there intentionally and has a purpose. Follow the rule of thirds if you are unsure about other things. Try to maintain the balance of the picture with having relevant components.

8. Edit the pictures well

You cannot get the perfect picture without making minor changes post-production. To edit tones, temperature and to balance out highlights and shadows, you have to edit pictures. You can use any software such as Photoshop, Lightroom on either your PC or phone for editing. You can also use phone apps like Snapseed etc.

9. Always shoot in landscape mode

The human brain is said to find landscape mode more pleasing than the portrait format of our phones. This is because the human eye sees roughly in the ratio of 4:3. Also, the landscape view is the most optimal for covering a space that is laid down horizontally. All the elements in the picture in real estate photography will follow a horizontal line in the picture. That is why it makes more sense to click pictures that way.

10. Practice

Practice is what makes one perfect. You can read these tips all day long but what will get you actual skill and talent is your practice. You can do this anywhere. To perfect your skills in real estate photography, you can start at your home or friends’ home. After each shoot is finished, edit the pictures and judge what you like or dislike about each picture. This will give you insight into what you like, the optimal angles and help you develop your own style too.


These are some of the tips that might help you to become an expert in real estate photography. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey; the only thing that matters is that you want to learn. You can begin any time, and you can start learning with any entry-level equipment. It is important to begin somewhere because the point you start, you’ll begin to understand your equipment and photography as an art more. As mentioned in the last tip, the more you do it, the better you will become.

You can reach out ShootPro24 for editing your real estate photographs. With decade of experience the team stands as the best photo editing service providers in USA.

Best Strobe Lights for Photography

June 3, 2021 | Blog | No Comments

strobe lights for photography

Photography is not only about the lens, settings, and the subject. One of the finest ways to make fruitful photography is by relying on the strobe light, particularly in studios. Strobe lighting is simple to implement and delivers the desired quantity of lights. Another advantage is that they last during takes. Hence, you can produce more images, since you spend less time waiting for them. Check out here for the best strobe lights for photography.

Here are some of the strobe lights you should look into if you want to produce the kinds of images you desire.

Strobe Lights For Photography

1. Flashpoint XPLOR 600

If your photographic approach necessitates both outside and inside shooting, this strobe light will suffice in both instances. You can simply work with Canon and Nikon digital cameras when using the TTL wireless control. It includes a long-lasting battery and is extremely energy-efficient. Due to its compact size, you can take this portable strobe light with you everywhere you go. This strobe light requires no special abilities to operate.

2. Neewer 400W GN65

strobe lights for photography

Looking for something that comfortable during studio shooting? Neewer 400W GN65 provides amazing light intensity, providing enough details on the subject. This strobe light comes with a transparent and understandable panel. Comes at a moderate cost and extremely portable. If you are into portrait photography and model sessions, you will find this strobe light most suitable. However, it isn’t designed for high-end professional photography sessions but will work fine for beginners.

3. Godox AD200Pro

Godox AD200Pro is a versatile piece of strobe light that can be used by all photographers, regardless of their genre and style. It features a handy Speedlight, flash source, and bulb that can produce two different lights. It comes with a charging cable and a rechargeable battery. You can easily carry it around with the bag that comes with it. However, it doesn’t come with a user guide which means you will have to figure out its functionalities yourself.

4. LimoStudio AGG1756V2

If you are under a tight budget, then LimoStudio AGG1756V2 is what you should go for. This strobe light is very convenient whether you want it to use as a main light or backlight. You can use this for any shooting angle, and it is best suited for indoor photography.

LimoStudio AGG1756V2 comes at quite a cheaper rate, and with the easiness to use, it is great for beginner photographers. But the performance might not be powerful as other strobe lights in the list. It is claimed to have a flash tube life of upto 8000 hours.

5. Godox Smart 300SDI

Godox is a well-known company in the photographic field, offering affordable strobe lights. Godox Smart 300SDI is easy to use, and even inexperienced photographers will quickly grasp its capability. Due to the compact size of this strobe light, it is conveniently portable and operable. It performs admirably for the price.


Good lighting helps generate a powerful shot, so you must know what strobe light is appropriate for your photographic style. If you work as a professional photographer, it is best to place price as a secondary consideration.

Cloud storage solutions for photographers

May 12, 2021 | Blog | No Comments

cloud storage solutions for photographers in india

Whether you are a fashion photographer or magazine photographer, you will need a space to store your photos. But thanks to the cloud, because you have to keep buying endless physical storage now. Wonder which cloud storage solutions will best suit your needs as a photographer? Read ahead and find out some of our recommendations.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a common cloud storage solution for photographers, with only 2GB of free storage. You can drag & drop your folder or photos to Dropbox from your device or computer. There are some useful features like sharing and collaborating within the platform, making it easier for you to share your photos with concerned people.

You can create password-protected galleries or folders and have an in-built tracking system so you can tell where your photo goes after you share them. If you want raw files in viewable image format, Dropbox is your obvious choice. However, the cost of its storage might not be the best reason you will choose Dropbox.

2. pCloud

pCloud is not an option if you are looking for something which everyone swears by – not yet, not since it is still new to the cloud storage scene. However, there is one feature that might be a deciding factor for you to choose pCloud. pCloud is one of the few options which provides a one-time payment option. Although the storage might be quite costly for some, if affordability is your priority, pCloud might not be for you.

With a high price, sure you can expect great security. And pCloud has TLS encrypted files, making your photon secure as you transfer them.

3. One Drive

OneDrive is another cloud storage solution that supports Mac, iOS, Android devices. It is integrated into Windows 10 and provides several cloud features for photos and other files.

You can synchronize your photos on all the devices, and the safety feature makes it very suitable for photographers. One Drive also allows you to collaborate with your colleagues or friends & family.

You get 5GB of storage for free, and you can avail of 1TB storage with a Microsoft 365 personal Plan.

4. Backblaze

If you are a very active photographer, working continuously on photography, BackBlaze can easily integrate your backups into your workflow. Backblaze provides some of the cheapest plans among other cloud storage solutions and unlimited cloud storage. But it is important to note that Backblaze doesn’t have any special features for photographers because it is generally cloud storage and not specifically for photographers.

You can store your files in unlimited bandwidth and unlimited file size. With standard AES 128-bit encryption, which is basically uncrackable, your files are more secure than ever.


The list doesn’t end, but we have mentioned the best ones in the market for you in our little list. Based on your preferences, requirements, budget, and other important factors, it is now for you to decide which one will suit your necessities most.

Let us know which one of the cloud storage solutions in the list you have used so far and your experience.