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Wedding Photography Tips

July 3, 2021 | Blog | No Comments

wedding photography tips

A wedding is always a stressful and hectic time for the couple, their parents, and photographers. The wedding photographer holds the most crucial job of capturing the perfect live moments of the couple’s biggest day.

There is a high degree of experience and professionalism required to get the timing and details right. You need to capture every minute detail, emotion, and event. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So your margin of error for capturing the perfect moments should be zero. Here are some of the wedding photography tips which will prepare you for perfect shots.

1. Choose the Ideal Location

wedding photography tips

According to your client’s requirements and theme, start researching a venue that is suitable for them. For the couple’s post-wedding shoot, an outdoor location is more preferred. Ensure you know the details of the site, like the environment and climatic conditions.

Before the wedding, ensure you visit the area beforehand. Make a list of the potential shots you can take in various places and how the lighting affects the image during the day or night.

2. Keep Backups

Make sure that all your gear, lenses, and cameras are in perfect working condition before you set out for the wedding. A day before the big day, clean all your lenses. Ensure that you are carrying enough memory cards, weatherproof gear, and additional lighting. Remember to pack all the required props you need for the wedding shots.

In addition to all this preparation, ensure that you carry backups to reduce any technical mishaps. If you can not afford a second camera, then get a rental camera. As weddings are a big moment, you may want to have many photos. Hence after the event, make two copies of every shot.

3. Assistant Photographer

For a big wedding, it will be complex and challenging to cover the whole event by yourself. Hence it is recommended to hire an assistant photographer to capture every detail and reduce your workload. The assistant can focus on the guest and other minor events of the wedding while capturing the main moments.

4. Know you couple

wedding photography tips

It is very crucial to know about the couple you are working for before the wedding day.  Remember that you are not capturing random events of the couple. The photographs need to narrate their story. About love, trust and hope they have for each other. Talk to them about how they want their wedding photo album to look. By making a checklist of their expectations, your job will get a little easier.

5. Elaborate on minute details

We all know that it is the little things that matter the most. When the couple goes through their wedding, they should experience how they felt on their special day. Look for the most subtle yet beautiful moments they have missed out due to the tension or rush. Ensure your shots beautifully display even the minute details of thor wedding.


Remember that a wedding is the most important event in anyone’s life. Ensure you are completely prepared with your equipment. Know your angles and lighting as they play a critical factor while capturing the perfect moment. I hope that these tips help you with your upcoming wedding shoot.

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wedding photos editing services

A wedding is a beautiful moment of a person’s life, right? Peoples capture those lovely times and keep them as life long memories in life. Are you one of them? Then, you should aware of these tips. Check out below for some amazing methods to renovate your wedding photographs.

After the clicks, you should do some tricks for the elegant looks. These looks will appear once the brightness adjustment, color contrast changes, cropping works. You can meet a wedding photo post-processing service provider for these works. 

renovate your wedding photographs.

There is no doubt that your photographers performed a wonderful creation for capturing your wedding moments. However, there can be some mishaps, and maybe you can’t resolve them. Below explaining 8 tips to renovate your wedding photographs. Check out and share your views in our comment section.

 Ways That Helps You To Renovate Your Wedding Photographs: 

1. Cropping

This is very common but has to do it carefully. You need a perfect cropping idea for the slideshow settings. You can avoid the unwanted elements from the photo in this step. 

2. Noise Removal

Tiny and stray bits can diminish the beauty of images. You have shots for the picture of the bride that may have tiny and random specks on them. These bits can happen in low light and distraction in focus. You can solve this problem of images with the photo editing or retouching team. 

3. While Selecting the level of contrast

When the point of contrast comes perfect it provide the excellent balance in the image. Photo Editing or retouching Services helps you to adjust the right level of contrast for your photographs and give you the right exposure. 

4. Consider Adjusting the brightness

The other main thing that needs to be examined in a wedding photo shoot is adjusting the “brightness”. There are 95% chances that images can seem to be very dark because of the lightning effect. Photo Editing helps you to adjust the brightness and clear the image perfectly.

post-production editing services

5. Use Dodge and burn tool

The tool is used to sharpen the images. With it, you can edit more highlights in the lighting areas.

6. Do Removal of flaws

The cloning tool helps to eliminate the flaws such as shadow appearances, blemishes, and photo wrinkles from your wedding image. And this will work without changing their natural look.

7. Effects of Color correction

The process of taking pictures in a digital camera is going through by using Blue, Green, and Red sensors. These colors are then mixed with various proportions to make a perfect photo. The color can be changed if the bridesmaids wear a blue or any other color gown for the wedding. Here through effective color correction, you can resolve this problem. 

8. Check and Fix sharpness

You may know, it is a requirement of shooting hundreds of photos at weddings. So, it is natural that photographers may take some photos that can be out of focus. So checking the sharpness of the picture is important to get a better result. You can check and fix the sharpness to get the resultant photo with a professional look. 


Do the editing works with the expert team for a good result and managing the time laps. With a decade of experience, ShootPro24 stands as the best wedding photo editing service provider in Illinois, USA. 

Our experts are adept at providing you perfect photos for your wedding photo post-processing needs. You just need to concentrate on capturing wedding photographs and click those beautiful moments in your camera. we are here available to manage all your post-production work. You can reach out to us through either phone call or email. We are happy to serve you.

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wedding photographer in USA

A wedding is an important event and if you want to keep it memorable by capturing the special moments on a film, then it is advisable that you hire a professional wedding photographer for delivering quality. There is a huge demand for wedding photographers in USA. People love to share the most important day in their lives with their family and friends through social media. If you are a wedding photographer, then your skills with your camera are of paramount importance. However, in addition to how good you are in taking photos, is your ability to edit them professionally to woo your clients.

Even if you are one of the top wedding photographers in USA, and have the best camera that money can buy, there are certain limitations that are beyond your control. These limitations can include unwanted intrusions, inadequate natural lighting, and so on. All these can hinder your desire to achieve perfection in your craft.

To work around these challenges, you must get your wedding images edited by experts. The photo editing experts have years of experience in retouching the photos to making the subject and color stand out. They also know how to edit the pictures in a way that brings out a wonderful outcome, which can then be shared on social media platforms to everybody’s delight.

A professional photo editor can work with scanned images and even with the damaged ones from your old stock of photos and make them look beautiful through professional retouching.

As a professional wedding photographer in USA, you should be aware of different post-production procedures that photo editing companies follow. This allows you to select one that best suits your needs.

Post-production processes in photo editing:

1) Picture Culling:

In this process, the photo editor browses through the list of photos that the wedding photographer had shot. Thereafter, the editor tries to match them with the best option available. In this process, the photo editor consults the photographer regarding his or her need for image quality.

2) Color correction:

The improved photo-editing technology has ensured the wedding photographer can choose from a wide range of colors. This can include different types of exposure, saturation, vibrancy, lighting, and the tone of the picture. To create a distinctive photographic style and boost your brand as a wedding photographer in USA, color correction can be of huge help. It can give you a wide canvas to express your artistic style, which your client will find exciting.

3) Photo retouching:

Wedding photography can show a wide range of emotions. It is the job of a professional photo editor to ensure the beautiful memories etched on the photos are maintained at all levels of editing. It could be removing unwanted props or people from the frame, removing skin blemishes, and brightening of the skin tone, editing over or underexposed photos and so on.

4) Advanced image editing:

In advanced image editing, the experts work on subtler aspects like correcting redeye, removing wrinkles, adjusting the shape of the body, and removing any unwanted spot on the dress, among others.

5) Wedding video editing:

Editing a wedding video, which could be several hours long, is quite challenging. It includes different processes and uses advanced image editing techniques to ensure the video looks to be shot professionally.


As a wedding photographer, if you wish to retouch the photos or videos you have shot to improve their looks even further, then you should contact us. Our phone number is +1 847-656-5000 and our email address is hello@shootpro24.com.