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Wedding Photography Tips

July 3, 2021 | Blog | No Comments

wedding photography tips

A wedding is always a stressful and hectic time for the couple, their parents, and photographers. The wedding photographer holds the most crucial job of capturing the perfect live moments of the couple’s biggest day.

There is a high degree of experience and professionalism required to get the timing and details right. You need to capture every minute detail, emotion, and event. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So your margin of error for capturing the perfect moments should be zero. Here are some of the wedding photography tips which will prepare you for perfect shots.

1. Choose the Ideal Location

wedding photography tips

According to your client’s requirements and theme, start researching a venue that is suitable for them. For the couple’s post-wedding shoot, an outdoor location is more preferred. Ensure you know the details of the site, like the environment and climatic conditions.

Before the wedding, ensure you visit the area beforehand. Make a list of the potential shots you can take in various places and how the lighting affects the image during the day or night.

2. Keep Backups

Make sure that all your gear, lenses, and cameras are in perfect working condition before you set out for the wedding. A day before the big day, clean all your lenses. Ensure that you are carrying enough memory cards, weatherproof gear, and additional lighting. Remember to pack all the required props you need for the wedding shots.

In addition to all this preparation, ensure that you carry backups to reduce any technical mishaps. If you can not afford a second camera, then get a rental camera. As weddings are a big moment, you may want to have many photos. Hence after the event, make two copies of every shot.

3. Assistant Photographer

For a big wedding, it will be complex and challenging to cover the whole event by yourself. Hence it is recommended to hire an assistant photographer to capture every detail and reduce your workload. The assistant can focus on the guest and other minor events of the wedding while capturing the main moments.

4. Know you couple

wedding photography tips

It is very crucial to know about the couple you are working for before the wedding day.  Remember that you are not capturing random events of the couple. The photographs need to narrate their story. About love, trust and hope they have for each other. Talk to them about how they want their wedding photo album to look. By making a checklist of their expectations, your job will get a little easier.

5. Elaborate on minute details

We all know that it is the little things that matter the most. When the couple goes through their wedding, they should experience how they felt on their special day. Look for the most subtle yet beautiful moments they have missed out due to the tension or rush. Ensure your shots beautifully display even the minute details of thor wedding.


Remember that a wedding is the most important event in anyone’s life. Ensure you are completely prepared with your equipment. Know your angles and lighting as they play a critical factor while capturing the perfect moment. I hope that these tips help you with your upcoming wedding shoot.

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wedding photos editing services

A wedding is a beautiful moment of a person’s life, right? Peoples capture those lovely times and keep them as life long memories in life. Are you one of them? Then, you should aware of these tips. Check out below for some amazing methods to renovate your wedding photographs.

After the clicks, you should do some tricks for the elegant looks. These looks will appear once the brightness adjustment, color contrast changes, cropping works. You can meet a wedding photo post-processing service provider for these works. 

renovate your wedding photographs.

There is no doubt that your photographers performed a wonderful creation for capturing your wedding moments. However, there can be some mishaps, and maybe you can’t resolve them. Below explaining 8 tips to renovate your wedding photographs. Check out and share your views in our comment section.

 Ways That Helps You To Renovate Your Wedding Photographs: 

1. Cropping

This is very common but has to do it carefully. You need a perfect cropping idea for the slideshow settings. You can avoid the unwanted elements from the photo in this step. 

2. Noise Removal

Tiny and stray bits can diminish the beauty of images. You have shots for the picture of the bride that may have tiny and random specks on them. These bits can happen in low light and distraction in focus. You can solve this problem of images with the photo editing or retouching team. 

3. While Selecting the level of contrast

When the point of contrast comes perfect it provide the excellent balance in the image. Photo Editing or retouching Services helps you to adjust the right level of contrast for your photographs and give you the right exposure. 

4. Consider Adjusting the brightness

The other main thing that needs to be examined in a wedding photo shoot is adjusting the “brightness”. There are 95% chances that images can seem to be very dark because of the lightning effect. Photo Editing helps you to adjust the brightness and clear the image perfectly.

post-production editing services

5. Use Dodge and burn tool

The tool is used to sharpen the images. With it, you can edit more highlights in the lighting areas.

6. Do Removal of flaws

The cloning tool helps to eliminate the flaws such as shadow appearances, blemishes, and photo wrinkles from your wedding image. And this will work without changing their natural look.

7. Effects of Color correction

The process of taking pictures in a digital camera is going through by using Blue, Green, and Red sensors. These colors are then mixed with various proportions to make a perfect photo. The color can be changed if the bridesmaids wear a blue or any other color gown for the wedding. Here through effective color correction, you can resolve this problem. 

8. Check and Fix sharpness

You may know, it is a requirement of shooting hundreds of photos at weddings. So, it is natural that photographers may take some photos that can be out of focus. So checking the sharpness of the picture is important to get a better result. You can check and fix the sharpness to get the resultant photo with a professional look. 


Do the editing works with the expert team for a good result and managing the time laps. With a decade of experience, ShootPro24 stands as the best wedding photo editing service provider in Illinois, USA. 

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Tips For The Best Professional Wedding Photos

November 7, 2020 | Blog | No Comments

photoshoot idea

The theme or ideas of wedding photography has changed a lot in the last decade. Wedding photoshoots are in high demand now more than ever. And you should add new strategies to get a better place in the industry. Here this article will help you to find some ultimate tips for the best professional wedding photos.

A wedding is a precious moment for everyone’s life, so have to capture every second memorably. If you are a wedding photographer, you are responsible to do this work effectively. Here are some basic tips for a wedding photoshoot

  • Do a study of the wedding plan.
  • Learn about the couples
  • Create a schedule for photos based on the couple’s plan.
  • Stay in contact with the wedding coordinator/event management.
  • Have a list of photoshoots.
  • Learn about the location so it will be easy for lighting adjustments and background settings.

What Is Wedding Photography?

For the first, you have to understand what makes shooting a wedding ceremony challenging. It is a very stressful task for photographers. Because accidentally deleting photographs from your hand or losing the memory card can be a big problem.

Saying that, if you are a wedding photographer with great knowledge, you are a superhero. Here you will get only one chance for each moment shoot. So have to be very clever to capture those without any missing.

Like many other photographers, you can make a wedding photography contract in advance. This agreement should include the total number of photos your clients will get after the shoot.

Wedding Photography Tips

Hope the below tips will encourage you to take some interesting and adorable wedding photos.

Wedding photoshoot

1. Test Your Camera In Advance.

For indoor and outdoor shoots you have to change the lighting adjustment all. So before starting for the wedding photography shoots you can just check the camera outputs and all.

2. Packing Accessories.

As a professional wedding photographer, making excuses for your crashes doesn’t seem good. So first you have to prepare a list of accessories for the particular wedding work. Pack everything a day in advance and re-check before leaving.

If you can, bring a laptop also to manage the back of pictures in real-time.

3. Ask Someone To Assist.

Anyway, you can’t manage all your accessories alone while shooting. So you need a good assistance to take the best wedding photoshoots. Also, the person can help you with lighting adjustments and background settings. Based on the project budget you can choose the person to assist you.

4. Pre-plan The Shoot

Pre-plan the wedding photography shoot is just as great as the shoot itself. Make some extra time for this work and you have to schedule the time for the bride and groom photoshoot. Choose the locations for a perfect couple of photos.

5. Know Your Clients.

Getting great photos is purely dependent on your client mentality. So, make a study about your client and their comfortability for the shoot. There you have to provide some extra instruction to capture the best wedding photos. Also, you have to be patient with the newlyweds. The more you interact with them, they will enjoy the experience.

6. First Captures.

Professional wedding photoshoots

Wedding photography is the most beautiful moment and the couple wants good memories from it. For professional wedding photos you can include the moments of their first kiss, first dance, and first look. Plan the time for each shot, and make sure that you have taken the most beautiful one.

Try different angles poss for the first moments, for example, the entry of the couple you can shoot in multiple points.

7. Shoot The Perfect Reactions.

Here you can shoot the perfect moments of the wedding ceremony. If you notice guests and friends having any fun or dance you can add that also into the album. Candid shots are more beautiful than normal clicks. Those expressions of the relatives, family, and friends show their blessing towards the cousins.

To understand the guests, you can discuss the guest list and chart them on a VIP basis. Ask about the special guests for the priority portraits.

8. Look For Smiles.

Where there is a smile, that’s the worthiest shot. To take these pictures you can focus on kids, friends groups, and grandparent’s reactions. These moments are not created one, because needed originality. So you can ask your assistant to check these moments in the surroundings.

9.Edit With Good Efforts.

Once you have taken all the photos it is needed some editing work for the final result. If online sources are not enough, you can go for the best outsource photo editing companies.


That’s a lot of ideas for beginners! Hopefully, this article is helped you to think about your upcoming wedding photo shoot plans. In the comment section please note your valuable advice for the industry newcomers.

Photo Editing USA

No matter how much you like clicking pictures on your phone and DSLR when it comes to editing them, we are all lazybones. What we often do not realize is that editing is imperative to ameliorate the quality of pictures. Not only do polished and edited images look appealing, but they also allow you to recall the old moments in details and finesse. Are you going nuts to find a quality photo editor at cost-effective rates? Worry not as you have the professionals of photo editing service in USA to serve you with their exceptional skills. From easy and safe upload system to custom editing solution, the experienced editors have in place proper technology and tools to deliver quality editing services to you. Would like to know what services you might enjoy by hiring them? You are in the right place, my friend. We are here to let you know some adept editing services one can expect from top-notch photo editors.

1.Cropping and straightening– We often keep clicking in a flow without noticing the surrounding. As a result, people often end up photobombing our pics or unwanted background chaos get featured in the photos. However, do not let such distractions sadden you. All you have to do is to contact the trusted professionals to have undesired items like reflection or lighting gear wiped out of your pictures. They redefine the liveliness of such images by improving their sharpness, focus and composition.

2. Standard color rectification– Are you worried because your wedding pictures have not come to be bright enough? The wedding picture editing services in the USA are skilled at carrying out standard color rectification of pictures. You can simply upload the raw files into their system and have the experts adjust their brightness contrast, lens correction, white balance, and noise reduction. Wondering if all these services are going to burn a hole in your pocket? You can totally keep calm as the editing services come at an impressively affordable price.

3. Photo retouch– It does not matter if it is a solo picture or a group photo, you sure want your picture to stand out from the rest. With the application of the right tools, photo editors can smoothen your skin and remove the blemishes in every picture. This is all about the preliminary editing stage. If you choose an advanced level of editing, you get services like teeth and eye brightening, and further wiping out of stray hair. By engaging the professional photo retouching services in the USA, you can now catch everyone’s eyeball. Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Culling/sorting– Do you have a hundred of photos from your friend’s birthday lying in the DSLR? It is not practical for you to sit down all day and sort out the best images. So, why not hire a professional and entrust him with this job? The US-based editors mostly use the 3-pass system to ensure only the best quality pictures find a place in your final collection. You can let them know the percentage of your preference, for example, 30% or 45% to allow them to serve you with the best of their abilities.

Conclusion– The services of photo editing in the USA are in vogue because they revamp our precious pictures at cost-effective rates. If you have in search of a quality photo editor, contact one near your locality to get the edited pictures in a matter of just a few days. Feel free to flood your social media handles with top notch quality images and get a thousand thumbs up.

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professional photo editing service

There are many photographers out there who find it very troublesome to carry on with their passions and do editing at the same time. This is just because photo editing is a wide sphere and there are lots of small tweakings involved that can make a significant difference in the pictures. It does not matter what kind of photography you are into, image editing needs to perfect in order to bring that attractive factor.

In the purview of the hassle and time spent on photo editing, a lot of the photographers opt for professional photo editing services and derive unmatched results. This is a wise way to save time for your passion without sacrificing the final touch that is going to make your photo stand out for the rest.

Have you ever wondered how much difference do you really find in an edited photo compared to a non-edited one? The difference is huge. You cannot deny but editing plays the main role in making your photos look cool and attractive. You might work day and night to get the perfect shot but your camera does not know how to make it flawless and soothing to the eyes. Editing can do that. Impeccable photo editing can do all the wonder that you expect in a good photograph.

Let us now learn about the techniques that can add a new level to your photographs:


This is the most commonly used technique in photo editing. The purpose of this technique is to add a final touch to the photograph in order to remove the flaws in the subject or the model. Mostly used in model photography, wedding shoots, fashion photography, etc., this technique ensures that there is no visible flaw in the picture. Reputed wedding picture editing services use this technique to remove spots, blemishes, wrinkles, etc.

Image cut out

Mostly used in advertisement photography or other cases when you need to cut the subject out of the entire photo and place it in some other picture. This is a very common requirement of most photographers and in order to get that thing done, you can opt for a professional image editing service.


Image masking is somewhat same to image cut out but the former is used to separate minute elements from the images like hair. Image masking is heavily used in model photography where it is needed to separate the models’ hair from the background.

Photo restoration

This is another highly sought photo editing service. Whenever you open your drawer or closet or an old album, you are sure to get some pictures that have been clicked years before. Very old pictures usually lose the shine and that is why you need to opt for professional photo editing service and get your old photo restored. Photo restoration effectively makes your old photo look like a new one or at least eliminates the signs of aging.


These are some of the basic techniques used by professionals to bring life to photographs. If you are looking for such image editing, you can opt for a professional image editing service and bring life to your raw files.