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Adobe Premiere is a feature-packed editing software, and offers advanced audio options, multi-cam editing, and a lot of collaboration tools. We find it offers great freedom in assembling sequences, easily allowing the creative storytelling to keep viewers interested and watching. This software is great for everything from Corporate Videos, to Weddings, Product Demos, and much more.

Final Cut Pro X can serve the sophisticated professional as well as the savvy consumer who wants to spread their wings beyond iMovie. And for some, it’s surprising that this flexible editing software is the same used to create projects for TV and even movies! But it’s exactly that ability to work well for a wide variety of users that makes it another of our favorites.

EDIUS Pro 7 is an editing tool powerhouse and we are so glad to have it available to you. The fastest and most versatile real-time software, EDIUS works with almost any video format out there. It has the ability to handle just about any resolution, and unlimited audio tracks, which really makes it great to finish studio, news, corporate, documentary, or even 4K theatrical productions.

Adobe After Effects allows us to create high-quality graphics, animations, special effects, or even motion graphics to add to the videos we edit for you. As part of the Adobe family, it's a fantastic compliment to any project.

Another bold innovator, Vegas Pro (v15) offers an editing interface that is completely customizable and flexible. Vegas Pro 15 opens up a variety of options for all kinds of creativity and the output becomes one powerful package.

Avid Media Composer is the industry-standard for nonlinear editing in the most demanding formats: television and film. Avid Media Composer gives us the opportunity to tell a cinematic story with software that has over 25 years of history and experience working that magic for you.