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Photo Post Production Services

Our quality photo post production services comprise a slew of activities that can transform your pictures into memorable nuggets to be treasured for a lifetime.

Sorting / Culling

$0.04 per image

You can save on post-production and editing time by allowing a professional Shootpro24 photo editor to pick your deliverable images. Each of our professional photo editor uses a 3-pass system to make sure the best set of photos are selected. Just send us your preferred percentages: 25%, 30%, 45% or such. Pricing applies to the total images submitted.

Standard Color Correction

$0.17 per image

Upload your Catalog and Previews, and Shootpro24’s professional photo editing services will adjust the white balance, brightness contrast, sharpening, noise reduction and lens correction to your specific color profile preferences. You can also upload a Lightroom preset basic categorization for our team. Our professional image editing services work in Lightroom Ver 4 - Ver 7 so that you have the maximum flexibility, and other programs like Legacy too. The output for SCC is a Catalog with multiple formats, which makes updating the RAW images easy and allows you to keep a copy of your original images.

Straightening / Cropping

$0.04 per image

Let our professional image editing services help you with our corrective cropping (straightening of obvious horizon lines and altar shots). We also assist with cropping out unwanted items like lighting gear, or distracting reflections, for example. All these save much time and keep your photos looking sharp, focused and perfectly composed. Pricing applies to the total images submitted.

Photo Retouching

$0.30 per minute

Choose from simple Level 1 retouching in Lightroom with slight skin smoothing, minor blemish removal, some general dodge and burn or background cleanup. Level 2 of our professional photo retouching services include further blemish removal, advanced skin smoothing, minor backdrop cleanup and correction (stretching backdrop to fill frame), eye or teeth brightening, or even removal of minor stray hairs.

Album Designing

$4.00 per spread

A Shootpro24 designer of our wedding photo editing services will curate your photos and create an Album in 6-8 business days. Select a book size and either our Classic or Craft layout, note details about special photos, copy for the pages, and your color preferences, . Upload your photos and our wedding picture editing services will then share your special layout. Once approved, each design is ready for you to download and send to the output service of your choice. Printing services are not included.

Detailed Tagging

$0.02 per image

Tagging photos provides for much better search capabilities. If you (or a client) is reviewing pictures from the Reception, Pre-Party, Post-Ceremony, Group Photos, Getting Ready or such -- you can search for tag: reception and easily find images. Streamline your photo workflow using our professional photo editing services and save countless hours! Just send the presets for Tagging and we take care of the rest. Pricing applies to the total images supplied.

Clipping Path/Alpha Masking

Starts at $0.60 per image

The experienced hands of our professional image editing services can create a hand drawn clipping path (vector path) around your product photos. The clipping path can then be used to make a selection in Photoshop. Clipping path is also recognized when importing your images into a pagination application such as Indesign or QuarkXpress. We can also provide multiple clipping paths for color correction and photo retouching. Our clipping path service is perfect for hard edged products.

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