Where Is Your Project Stored?


Shootpro24 knows uploading, transferring, and storing your digital files—both simply and securely—is one of the most important things we do for you. That’s why we utilize a world-class cloud-based storage and data transfer solution, ensuring all your files are secure 24/7/365. This system allows us unmatched reliability and the most comprehensive security and compliance, as well as flexible file management and storage options.

To put it simply, we upload and store all files in client-dedicated buckets. Each bucket is individually organized by project, and then you transfer the data folder(s) to us. This makes it very easy to verify data transfers accurately, for files to remain orderly, and for project work to proceed smoothly. After a project is complete, Shootpro24 will maintain all important project files until we return them to you. This allows us to re-access projects and work on them, if needed. All data are kept for max 30 days from the date of delivery of the project.

After project completion, you may receive notification that files are being removed. They can be completely returned to you, or, if there is interest in arranging longer-term storage, Shootpro24 can discuss available options with you.