Sorting/Culling $0.04/ Image

Got too many photos from a photo shoot? Do you find it hard to sort out the best ones? Let us help! Every image you shoot isn’t really worthy to be presented. Therefore, we make the job easier with our Sorting/Culling service to weed out the good photos from the bad.

Our Image Culling service will help you to remove :


It's very common to have a handful of images that look almost identical when shooting a pose. We select and edit only the best images from each set of duplicates.

Bad Shots

Sometimes, bad facial expressions, blinking, test exposures, and even that pose you thought might work but really doesn't. We choose the best images that your clients will definitely like.

Out of Focus Images

We will flag those images which missed focus and technically unacceptable to include in your presentation.

Poorly Composed Images

Is the composition wonky? Our Culling process removes or flags unflattering and poorly composed photos.

What you should do to book our photo culling service ?

All you need is to sign up and upload files directly to Shootpro24 web application or share details if your files are on a third party link (e.g. Dropbox ) or on a FTP server or any other storage locations.

Fill in all the necessary details and send us your preferred percentages: 25%, 30%, 45% or such.

Our professional Shootpro24 photo editor will pick your deliverable images for you with care.

Why choose Shootpro24 ?

Shootpro24 will help save your time, money and grow your business through our culling services

Our expert photo or video editors’ will work with every client to satisfy their individual needs and requirements.

We provide image culling services only through customized workflows based on your post production needs.

Choosing us for Photo Culling gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business like customer acquisition, more time planning and shooting great pictures or spend time with your family.

At the end, You'll receive high quality sorted images for affordable pricing from $0.04 per image (applies to total images submitted)