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Top 5 Benefits Of Live Streaming

April 26, 2022 | Blog | No Comments

TCompanies with a strong online presence can develop long-term relationships with their clients. For today’s modern customers, simply communicating with your intended audience isn’t enough. Live streaming platforms are also used by businesses to reach out to their target audience and educate them about their area of expertise. Brands regularly release educational and entertaining videos to their various online platforms in order to stay on top of the market.

Businesses that have mastered their craft know how critical it is to maintain regular contact with their target market and are continuously looking for innovative ways to do so. Live streaming is one of the fastest-growing and most popular ways for all-sized businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Enterprises can live stream videos and receive a real-time reaction from their followers via the benefits of live streaming, allowing them an immediate connection with their audience.

People seek to connect with brands in real-time using current technology like live streaming, which no longer restricts personal connection. As a result, live streaming is a terrific way for businesses to broaden their reach and expand the variety of ways they generate cash. Let’s look at some of the benefits of live streaming and why it’s becoming the standard for enterprise enterprises.

Benefits of Live Streaming

1. Consistent and fast growth of audience

Your audience grows when you stream live. An infinite number of things can be found on the internet. When your company hosts a live streaming event, you open up the opportunity for those who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to participate in doing so. Businesses may humanise themselves and communicate with customers by meeting face-to-face. You’ll be able to tell your brand’s narrative more successfully. The viewer can join from the comfort of their own home via live streaming activities with questionnaire sessions.

2. Reduction in unnecessary expenditure

Traditional marketing strategies have been known to be expensive. But with the introduction of newer ways such as that of live streaming, you can save up a significant amount of money and time to be spent on marketing. For example, imagine going on Instagram or Facebook live. All that you need is a stable internet connection and an excellent conversational ability, and you are all set to grow your followers quickly. Even if you are a small business that has just started, you can advertise your services and products to a great audience without leaving a dent in your budget. 

In addition, some businesses use live streaming as a tool for in-house training for new hires. Everyone gets the same instruction and market information at the same time, which saves the organisation money in the long run. Consider travel, housing, and security costs when planning a live event. A lot of money can be saved by streaming a live event and downgrading the live event itself.

3. Revenue chart enhancement

Increased revenue is a result of reduced expenditure. Saving time and money means that you can invest in your brand and products in a more efficient manner. Live stream offers plenty of new monetisation options to companies trying to find new ways to make money on social media platforms. Here are some of the ways in which live streaming can be used to earn cash.

  • Your live conversations and webinars should be available to the public for a fee.
  • Boost the visibility of your current website through the use of sponsored product reviews.
  • Accept financial support from outside parties.
  • Promote the things you sell.
  • All live broadcasts are being sold.
  • Place commercials in the middle of your live broadcasts.

4. Portable viewing

Today, there are so many online applications that allow live streaming. So, if you do not make such applications to enable better interaction and involvement of your target audience, then you might be missing out on a lot. Also, using these live streaming applications like those as part of social media, you can engage your users on the go. This allows them to be a part of the live stream at their convenience and not be obliged into following something against their whims. 

5. Improves engagement

The internet has brought in many forms of entertainment, with video playing or reel screening being one of the most popular. And in recent years, short or documentary-styled videos have become a major part of almost every company’s marketing strategy. This is also known as video marketing. With videos, customers are better informed than ever in an entertaining way. So, you are not only providing information to them but also recreational entertainment. Whether new or working for some time now, businesses must adapt to this situation. Investing in any form of live streaming, especially those that are mobile-friendly, has become extremely vital than ever before for companies to engage with their customers and gain valuable feedback. 

Why has live streaming gained popularity?

It was reality television and YouTube that gave rise to the idea of live streaming, where you can stream anything you’re doing, right then and there, to the entire globe.

One of the most appealing aspects of live streaming is being able to share one’s activities with close family and friends and a larger audience around the world. You can broadcast everything from birthday greetings and Q&As to a talent performing live on social media platforms like Facebook. Similarly, the prospect of earning money through live streaming is a dream come true for many. Participants can give virtual coins that can be redeemed for real money, as an example.


Companies use live streaming to connect with their customers and potential customers. Live-streaming from smartphones has become a lot easier thanks to social media and live-streaming apps. Furthermore, millennials aren’t the only ones who prefer live streaming video to reading text-based content; almost 59% of senior managers feel the same way. As a result, businesses can make it a lot easier for their senior staff and team leaders to discuss and share knowledge in a manner that is convenient for both sides with live streaming.

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Dive Into The Fun Of Sibling Photographs

February 28, 2022 | Blog | No Comments

photo editing services

DThe love between siblings is unfathomable. No matter how many times they jump in fights, they still stand abreast during catastrophes. During times when everyone is going crazy for photoshoots, brother and sister photography can be the most prepossessing gift you can have. Pictures help you run down your memory lane, teleporting you to the time you felt young and lively. This necessitates you to go for an interesting sibling photoshoot today so that you can hold the perfect souvenir of your pure affinity for each other.

Not sure how to pose and click amazing self-portraits? No issues; in this article, we have tried presenting some brother and sister photography tips which sure will be of immense use to you.

Candid Works The Best

Modeling is not for everyone, so don’t try! You are not required to act in a prop-like manner when documenting the most precious moments of your life. Put your camera on a timer and make an effort not to “pose” while having a good time with your friends. The best photographs are taken when you least expect them. Please give yourselves a second chance and continue to giggle and conversing with one another. Your camera will work its magic when you and your siblings are having some fantastic sibling talks.

Angle Is Crucial

Take care to ensure that the camera is at the proper angle when taking images if you want them to turn out spectacularly wonderful. You will be able to take the most beautiful photographs as a result of this. To avoid any issues with brightness, it is also highly recommended to take photos in broad daylight to avoid any problems. Convert your terrace into a photographic studio and install your equipment there as well.

Aesthetics To Enhance

In addition to functionality, the aesthetics of your workspace are vital. Make certain that you have the most attractive photography accessories. After all, you can’t just sit there and not use any eye-catching picture settings, can you? Figure out what will best enhance your relationship with your sibling – a baseball bat, candy, plush animals, or anything else you may think of. Make use of it as a photo prop to capture some truly memorable moments.

brother and sister photoshoot

Pre-Planned Pose Won’t Be Any Harm

If nothing clicks, you always have the option to search for some brother-sister photography ideas. You can adopt the same Pose and click pictures till it comes satisfactory. You can do numerous poses – putting an arm around one another or looking away from each other, anything that you feel is right.


Taking Instagrammable photos when you’re posing with your siblings is nearly impossible because of the lighting. The strange expressions and dumb chuckles always cause your images to be hidden away in drawers. However, it is precisely because of this that these images are the most valuable possession that you will have for the rest of your life. Do your photography session today and capture images that you will be able to keep forever.

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One of the most challenging issues for businesses operating online is capturing captivating product pictures. The clicked photos must be attractive enough to hold the viewers’ attention to alleviate brand engagement. An ill-maintained website feed with low-quality pictures often deteriorates the brand value and doesn’t help in increasing customer reach. To save your business from any such situation, product photography is a must to adopt.

You will get to furnish your website with beguiling product images which will look appealing to your customers. With high-class images, the customers will be able to better relate to your products leading to an increased number of orders.

Not sure how to click the perfect product pictures? Don’t panic because, in this article, we have mentioned some of the most useful product styling tips you can apply. So, get on the journey of exploring the modish photography techniques.

Product Photography Tips

A Neutral Cushioned Background

It is one of the most iconic photographic techniques to employ a cushioned base when photographing a subject. Everything from a soft neutral-colored blanket to a pillow can be used as a throw. Set up your goods over the base and take photos while keeping an eye on the lighting in the space. It’s also possible to use an LED lamp light to better concentrate and enhance the sharpness of your product images. When it comes to boosting your product photographs, white or dim yellow lights are always a good choice.

product photography

Consistent Photos

While taking high-resolution photographs is essential, it is also important to keep the overall appearance of your photographs consistent. It should be mentioned that you can publish product images at random; nevertheless, you must only use a specific product styling for each photograph. If you keep taking images without any consistency in your styling, you will just end up with a jumble that will prevent you from achieving the results you desire.

The Perfect Angle

In terms of determining the appeal of product images, angles and dimensions are important factors to consider. When it comes to capturing the perfect product image, it is important to be aware of all of the photography fundamentals. When it comes to photography, angle is everything, thus you must position things at several angles and search for the greatest photographic angle. It’s also possible to position cameras in different orientations and choose the shot that produces the greatest possible outcome in terms of light and resolution.


If you give careful consideration to the concepts and stylistic suggestions listed above, you will be able to take stunning images. Once you have filled your feed with photographs of your products taken in a fashionable manner, you will be able to see the magic of successful photography. It is strongly advised that you follow these suggestions in order to achieve the desired results.

Photo editing solution

If your clicks are done you need a perfect partner for the effective editing works. Shootpro24 , our team is fully cherishing with highly qualified Photo editing and video editing experts. Contact us to get to know more about the on going offers.

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What is Ecommerce editing and how does it work?

January 18, 2022 | Blog | No Comments

ecommerce editing

Do you want to increase your eCommerce sales by attracting new customers? Perhaps you want a high-quality photograph that will need substantial editing, or maybe you just want to erase the image and make the background white, like Amazon, or just straighten and resize it? Or, do you need to drop or recreate an odd shadow in your product photo? Think about a poorly photographed shoe pair, where one is nice and the other isn’t, and you need a clone to photograph your shoes? Or, just want to adjust color, contrast and lights? Here go through how ecommerce editing works?

eCommerce Product Image Editing services are the solution to your complicated problems. It assures quality images and refers to creating attractive photos using Photoshop.

Quality content ensures sales, traffic, and business development. Moreover, people tend to buy things they are attracted to. In comparison, the primary purpose of the product photoshoot is to present the product naturally and attractively.

But taking such a photo is challenging for obvious reasons. It doesn’t always look professional. Besides, there may have many imperfections regarding the color, light, background, and unexpected objects.

One of the major problems is the bad shadow created by the studio lights. Also, pictures with a plain background are obstacles to presenting the natural look. As a result, before putting things for sale, most of the major eCommerce sites, such as eBay and Amazon, advocate making a few changes to the image.

Ecommerce photoshoot

Here’s why you should do it

1. High-quality photos are required for e-commerce sites

High-quality photos improve an e-commerce business’ performance. Photo editing is essential for making photos engaging for e-commerce sites.

If you want to gain the trust and confidence of your customers, you should display high-quality photographs because low-quality photos harm the performance of an e-commerce business. Removing the backdrop, adding objects and shadows, color correction, and position changes are some tactics used to achieve accurate photography.

2. Images are an important aspect of your branding

Photographs are a powerful language that can say more than the written text. You can provide product information on your website, but visuals are far more beneficial than written content. When you apply the necessary edits to the product shot, it becomes more credible. They are the important ingredient and powerful branding marketing technique in the e-commerce firm. As a result, your website will receive a good return and reputation among clients.

3. Buyers want to see what they’re buying 

When shopping online, the image of the goods is the first impression that potential customers get. Photographs can be the most appealing component of the e-commerce industry. A properly edited snapshot provides potential customers with information regarding things they are looking for.

Even though product price and descriptions are important, catching a professional look at the product is always motivating. Online, customers are unable to touch and feel the merchandise. However, after viewing the product photographs, they will determine whether or not to purchase it

4. Customization across several platforms

You must change the size and format of the photographs based on the platform on which you intend to utilize them. Each forum has its own set of features and characteristics.

So, when it comes to uploading images to a specific platform, you should concentrate on such aspects. Only a photo editing service can make your photos suitable for these platforms.

5. High-quality images boost sales

The primary goal of each e-commerce site is to acquire a better deal to enhance profits. Eye-catching and appealing photographs on an e-commerce site can draw consumers’ attention, increasing daily sales. You should spend in photo editing and development because it promotes traffic and expands your e-commerce business

Ecommerce editing

FAQs on eCommerce Product Image Editing

What Role Does Image Editing Play in eCommerce?

Image editing is an essential component of e-commerce. You can’t even think about e-commerce without modifying your photographs because you must adhere to the e-commerce image requirements. You must make the background white and scale it to a specific image dimension. Poor image presentation is unsuitable for web-store designs and sales promotion. Photo editing also aids in the creation of high-quality photos.

Can an image editing service increase eCommerce sales?

ecommerce editing

Yes, they can aid in increasing conversion rates. The only method to get high-quality photographs is by using an image editing service. Quality e-commerce photos increase a customer’s confidence and trust in buying.

Do image retouching and editing services benefit eCommerce catalogues?

Catalogues might benefit from image retouching and editing services to improve it’s appeal. However, high-quality photos in a catalogue, whether offline or online, significantly impact sales.

How does product photo editing and retouching help your online eCommerce business?

Photo editing and retouching increases online sales by producing appealing product images. On the other hand, buyers are unable to touch the object, smell its scent, or feel its textures, the image solely influences their purchasing decisions.

What Should You Think About When Choosing an eCommerce Photo Editing Company?

  1. Quality reigns supreme. So, never, compromise on it.
  2. What are their price, payment, and delivery policies?
  3. How is their customer service?
  4. Is there any way to get a free trial or a quote before ordering?
  5. Furthermore, do they offer revisions or a money-back guarantee?

Top 10 Winter Photoshoot Ideas

January 9, 2022 | Blog | No Comments

best winter photoshoot ideas

It’s that time of the year again when the world is busy decorating Christmas trees, the city is lit, roads are covered in snow, Christmas jingles can be heard everywhere. A season like this definitely calls for a photoshoot. So, pull out all your classic sweaters, even the ones you hated wearing! Because you never know that may be the outfit you exactly needed. Check out here top winter photoshoot ideas.

Winter Photoshoot Ideas

1. Romanticize your winter

Get out of your house. We know it’s winter, and that’s exactly why you need to step out with your favourite dark coloured coats on so that it contrasts perfectly with the white snow outside and makes you stand out.

Find a spot that’s covered in snow. If you find one with lots of snow-covered trees – bingo! Stand right in the middle of the frame and strike a candid pose. Make sure the camera is capturing a lot of background, with you in it looking like a scene from Twilight.

2. Fancy night shoot

Find a spot with no lights around during the night or evening. Snow covered is a must. Carrying a lantern with you or fairy lights will also do.

winter night photoshoot

Put on a flowy dress layering it with sweaters like you’re a Disney princess except for the fact that you feel cold. If you’ve got the lantern, hold your lantern up with one hand and click a picture while looking into it. If you’ve got the fairy lights, wrap them around you and pose with the dress.

3. Use the street decors

Go out for Christmas shopping, but not to shop rather click pictures. Stand next to the giant Christmas trees or under the colourful streetlights. Put on a Christmas themed headband or hold onto some balloons and smile!

That’s it. You’ll have a perfect feels-like-Christmas picture.

4. Indoor candid

Make use of the time you do your home decorations. Put on your favourite pyjamas, pair them up with a comfy hoodie or sweater. Pick up some of the decors and sit or stand next to your decorated corner.

Now you have something to prove to everybody that you did all the decorations.

5. Go ice skating

stating photoshoot ideas

This is an excuse for you to go ice skating with your best mates and click some candid ice-skating shots of yourself. If you can’t skate, no worries, all you have to do is put on your skating gear and pretend.

You can click candids of yourself putting on the gears or just go in the rink with a friend who can skate and shoot a “winter outing with friends” kind of picture.

6. One with the snowman

It’s winter, there’s snow and you did not make a snowman? Unacceptable. Go out, make a snowman, and have someone click pictures of you while you are in the process. Laugh a little bit, strike a few poses, pose with the snowman too. And your gallery is winter-ready.

7. Let the snow fall

For this one, you have to be ready for the perfect timing. Just when it begins to snow, step outside with a nude coloured outfit on. Although you can wear anything you want, nude colours contrast with snowy surroundings.

Look up at falling snow and let it fall on you. You’re going to look like you’re in a Hollywood music video, and that’s exactly what we want here. So go for it.

8. Use the trees

Go back to the same snow-covered trees location and this time, let your camera capture you through the gaps between the leaves and branches of the trees.

Make sure you’re in focus while the edges of the frame are covered in those leaves and branches making a natural frame for you.

9. Car photoshoot

winter car photoshoot

For any winter picture shoot, you can’t go wrong with a car as a prop. Take a road trip to a snowy location and have fun taking pictures from the window of your car! It has a cosy, wintry feel to it. Don’t mind peeping through your car window. It always works out!

10. Show off your gifts

After all the winter fun, the final showdown has to be the gifts. Open your Christmas gift in your pretty Christmas outfit and surround yourself with them while sitting in front of the fireplace.

That’s it. That’s the picture. Capture the moment.

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